Collective Noun For Swans, Collective Nouns List Swans

Collective Noun For Swans, Collective Nouns List Swans

Collective Noun For Swans

Using the collective nouns in your conversations is always important, because they can make your sentences much more intellectual. Well, swans are noble creatures. They are so noble that in Great Britain, all the swans are owned by the queen in British Law, Common Law. For this reason, the English language has several important collective nouns for swans.

In daily usage of English, it is always important to follow the grammar rules like the other languages, especially in professional usage. This field includes business presentations, meetings, fairs, even casual conversations with your colleague. During these activities, people tend to use examples to produce stronger arguments. To avoid distraction on the attention of the congregation you need to prevent the misusage of grammar rules. Because people follow the data flow you created through grammar.

One single detail could be null out all your efforts. There are several grammar rules you need to be careful. One of these is the usage of collective nouns. You would be talking about any single or collective nouns in your professional life. There are some examples you will probably need to know.

Bevy of swans

Bevy means a large group of birds. Swans are one of the bird species, too. Therefore, the word “bevy” could be used as a collective noun for swans. There is another way to talk about a group of swans is using the word “bevy”.

  1. A bevy of swans was swimming on the lake with their whole nobility. Probably any author of any dictionary can not define being noble without mentioning the swans.
  2. The little girl greeted a bevy of swans happily.

Herd of swans

The word “herd” has a general usage of all the animals when referring to a group of them. At the end of the day, swans are animals. Therefore, the word “herd” could be used as a collective noun. You can use this word when the swans are together. There is no limit to define a minimum or maximum number to be a herd, but it is a lot.

  1. When the fall came, a herd of swans was flying to the sky.
  2. While a herd of swans was laying around the tree, our little friend was barking to convince them to attend her games.

Gaggle of swans

Another group name for swans is a gaggle. A group of swans could be called a gaggle. This word is frequently used when pointing out a group of swans together. The word gaggle is more appropriate for defining a group of geese, but it can be used for swans, too.

  1. There is a house in New Orleans, it is called The House of the Rising Sun. Some people saw a gaggle of swans near it during the time of bird migration.
  2. I remember the last time we spend together. It was a sunset, a gaggle of swans was fed by your graceful hands.

Whiteness of swans

Whiteness is one of the great group names for these precious creatures, swans. Swans are whiter than snow. So, it is not bad to define a group of swans as whiteness. Furthermore, you cannot distinguish the ground and the swans during a snowy winter.

  1. There is always a whiteness of swans in Her Majesty’s garden. They are one of the landmarks of Great Britain.
  2. A whiteness of swans seemed glorious over the other creatures nearby to us. I have never been as confident as them.

Wedge of swans

A wedge is an extremely underrated collective noun for swans. The word is only used when the swans are in the sky. In other words, we use the word wedge when the swans are flying. Swans use their wing for migration if there are no extreme threats.

  1. A wedge of swans was flying slowly. There is no need to rush when the journey will end up in a great place.
  2. The pilot of the plane decided to increase the altitude of the plane. Because there was a wedge of swans and it was risky to remain at the same altitude.


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