Sentences with Basic, Basic in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Basic

Sentences with Basic, Basic in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Basic


1. Basically, I have been compelled by curiosity.

2. The gene is considered the basic unit of inheritance.

3. Once you see your nature, sex is basically immaterial.

4. No one is more insufferable than he who lacks basic courtesy.

5. A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity.


6. Protein is made from twenty-plus basic building blocks called amino acids.

7. The most basic question is not what is best, but who shall decide what is best.

8. I believe that we are fundamentally the same and have the same basic potential.

9. I hate most of what constitutes rock music, which is basically middle-aged crap.

10. Learn the basics about protein and shaping your diet with healthy protein foods.

11. Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.


12. The survivor is left with fundamental problems in basic trust, autonomy, and initiative.

13. Infrastructure is the basic facilities and system serving a country, region, or community.

14. In chemistry, an alkali is a basic, ionic salt of an alkali metal or an alkaline earth metal.

15. A house is a compressed territory where our basic needs can be fulfilled close by and safely.

16. The moment you become miserly you are closed to the basic phenomenon of life: expansion, sharing.

17. English culture is basically homosexual in the sense that the men only really care about other men.

18. I think one of the basic reasons men make good friends is that they can make up their minds quickly.

19. I basically became a cheerleader because I had a very strict mom. That was my way of being a bad girl.

20. Your basic person wants to talk about material culture, internet culture. I think about God, cats, nature.

21. Greed is a basic part of animal nature. Being against it is like being against breathing or eating. It means nothing.

22. I’d never really babysat. I feel like I’m Blair, or ‘Gossip Girl.’ A teenager, basically – and now suddenly I’m a mom?

23. In computer science, primitive data types are a set of basic data types from which all other data types are constructed.

24. One of the basic things about a string is that it can vibrate in many different shapes or forms, which gives music its beauty.

25. Two of man’s basic needs are to love and to share. Both of these needs are satisfied in greater or lesser degree by friendship.

26. You possess a natural resistance to glamour magic and must be recruited to keep you quiet and provide you with some basic protection.

27. The basic design intention guiding Mercedes in the last ten years seems to be that its cars should offer psychic blow jobs to the affluent.

28. The very idea of marriage is basic to recognition as equals in our society any status short of that is inferior, unjust, and unconstitutional.

29. When it comes to paying contractors, the sky is the limit; when it comes to financing the basic functions of the state, the coffers are empty.

30. Basically, there’s not enough sex in movies, that’s it. I’m trying to say it, people. I miss sex in movies because sex is natural, guns are not.

31. The basic confrontation which seemed to be colonialism versus anti-colonialism, indeed capitalism versus socialism, is already losing its importance.

32. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.

33. An electronic calculator is typically a portable electronic device used to perform calculations, ranging from basic arithmetic to complex mathematics.

34. There are basically two types of people. People who accomplish things, and people who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is less crowded.

35. Wealthy men can’t live in an island that is encircled by poverty. We all breathe the same air. We must give a chance to everyone, at least a basic chance.

36. My theory of characterization is basically this: Put some dirt on a hero, and put some sunshine on the villain, one brush stroke of beauty on the villain.

37. If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we, but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work.

38. Adam does most of the work when it comes to videos and he basically does the same as I do with the lyrics. The videos are his visual interpretations of our music.