Sentences with By, By in a Sentence in English, Sentences For By

Sentences with By, By in a Sentence in English, Sentences For By


1. May I pay by check?

2. By hook or by crook.

3. He lives by himself.

4. Let’s go by taxi, OK?

5. He is weak by nature.


6. I travelled by myself.

7. We lost by two points.

8. I led him by the hand.

9. Can you finish by then?

10. Frogs live by the creek.

11. She goes to work by car.


12. 86.Pay the fees by time.

13. I took him by the wrist.

14. 3 multiplied by 5 is 15.

15. I might be back by 16:30.

16. Did you sew this by hand?

17. A jug fills drop by drop.

18. They go to school by bus.

19. He was passive by nature.

20. Peace is produced by war.

21. They sat by the fireplace.

22. He seized me by the wrist.

23. To lay by for a rainy day.

24. Go and sit by your father.

25. He held her by the sleeve.

26. Never do things by halves.

27. I was struck by lightning.

28. 138.Complete these by noon.

29. Let’s sit by the fireplace.

30. I got bitten by mosquitoes.

31. She plays the piano by ear.

32. Alex caught me by the hand.

33. Mary was brought up by him.

34. I always play by the rules.

35. I was struck by her beauty.

36. I crossed the river by boat.

37. I was scolded by my teacher.

38. Please send it to me by fax.

39. My vacation went by quickly.

40. She grabbed him by the hand.

41. We grind our coffee by hand.

42. I rented a boat by the hour.

43. It’s cheaper to go by train.

44. We rented a cabin by a lake.

45. I’d much rather go by myself.

46. Samuel was passive by nature.

47. I was laughed at by everyone.

48. My son was passive by nature.

49. A tree is known by its fruit.

50. The play was produced by him.

51. Did they go to museum by bus?

52. Rice is sold by the kilogram.

53. Came by car on a rainy night.

54. I ought to do this by myself.

55. I’m usually awake by 8:00 a.m.

56. I was often seized by despair.

57. I won’t have eaten lunch by 3.

58. To pull the devil by the tail.

59. She was brought up by the cop.

60. To take the bull by the horns.

61. She went to the museum by cab.

62. Jessica was brought up by him.

63. Steve was attacked by a shark.

64. I will not have eaten by then.

65. Gasoline is sold by the liter.

66. Will you have eaten by 6 p.m.?

67. I usually go to school by bus.

68. They’ll have relaxed by night.

69. Let’s stop by the post office.

70. No man was ever wise by chance.

71. Did they come to school by car?

72. The city was destroyed by fire.

73. I always goes to work by train.

74. Will they have arrived by 9 pm?

75. I was delayed by a traffic jam.

76. You always gain by giving love.

77. The town is accessible by rail.

78. Alex goes to work by motorcycle.

79. Alex is a dentist by profession.

80. Steve is a doctor by profession.

81. Samuel was affected by the heat.

82. I am sending the invoice by fax.

83. Steve was dazzled by her beauty.

84. Frank is a lawyer by profession.

85. Samuel was bitten by a mosquito.

86. A bird may be known by its song.

87. He came near being hit by a car.

88. They were rescued by helicopter.

89. She reluctantly went by herself.

90. A small stream runs by my house.

91. I saw her scolded by her father.

92. We were welcomed by the Captain.

93. Ouch!! I’ve been stung by a bee!!

94. Grammar is a piano I play by ear.

95. His project was funded by grants.

96. We used to buy these by the case.

97. She was brought up by the police.

98. The stadium is accessible by bus.

99. They were scolded by the teacher.

100. Jessica has a cottage by the sea.

101. I can’t raise our child by myself.

102. What he said was by no means true.

103. I was irritated by his indecision.

104. I can’t raise our child by myself.

105. They must arrive here by tomorrow.

106. History is written by the victors.

107. I was dazzled by Jessica’s beauty.

108. They know our laws, abide by them.

109. He objected to traveling by plane.

110. I could recite the story by heart.

111. George was detained by the police.

112. The ants were affected by the rain.

113. Frank should have been here by now.

114. Brick by brick, I will destroy you.

115. I was rear-ended by a pickup truck.

116. I don’t need to abide by the rules.

117. Jim was confused by Pam’s question.

118. This circle was drawn by a compass.

119. Oh, my God, would you stop by here!

120. The house was surrounded by fields.

121. Samuel is by far the most sensible.

122. We were greeted by a cute waitress.

123. John solved the problem by himself.

124. Frank earns his living by teaching.

125. What do you mean by detection risk?

126. Please return it by 12 a.m. Friday.

127. All men by nature desire knowledge.