Sentences with Friends, Friends in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Friends

Sentences with Friends, Friends in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Friends


1. You’re among friends.

2. Here are your friends.

3. Say hi to your friends.

4. My friends are my estate.

5. We’ve become good friends.


6. Say hello to your friends.

7. We used to be good friends.

8. Fortune befriends the bold.

9. Jame is texting his friends.

10. Friends are thieves of time.

11. He has no friends besides me.


12. We immediately became friends.

13. He is generous to his friends.

14. Are those girl friends of his?

15. Choose friends you can rely on.

16. I’ll be travelling with friends.

17. Steve acquired many new friends.

18. Don’t be unkind to your friends.

19. I learn English with my friends.

20. Have you been friends for a long

21. Even reckoning makes long friends.

22. My friends are going to cook soup.

23. Love is a friendship set to music.

24. My friends celebrated my birthday.

25. Old friends and old wine are best.

26. Jessica acquired many new friends.

27. He who hath many friends hath none.

28. True friends stab you in the front.

29. Don’t lean on your friends for help.

30. Friendship and money: oil and water.

31. We ate pizza yesterday with friends.

32. Alex’s friends are really talkative.

33. I had hoped we might become friends.

34. Frank has two friends who are women.

35. Friendship is one mind in two bodies.

36. Friendship is Love without his wings!

37. She imposes on her friends too often.

38. I am meeting some friends after work.

39. Nothing is as precious as friendship.

40. Sinatra was just one of Mom’s friends.

41. Is anyone coming besides your friends?

42. I don’t learn English with my friends.

43. Love and friendship exclude each other.

44. Friendship is the most precious of all.

45. I am chatting with my friends on Skype.

46. Michael betrayed his friends for money.

47. You can’t make friends unless you help.