Sentences with From, From in a Sentence in English, Sentences For From

Sentences with From, From in a Sentence in English, Sentences For From

1. No flying from fate.

2. He returned from USA.

3. He’s back from school.

4. You can’t hide from me.

5. We are not from England.

6. I will take it from you.

7. Draw a line from A to B.

8. How far is it from here?

9. What do you want from me?

10. You’re from Texas, right?

11. You stay away from Steve.

12. You’re from Texas, right?

13. Where are you from anyway?

14. My legs ache from sitting.

15. I’ll take my cue from you.

16. Can I send a fax from here?

17. To live from hand to mouth.

18. We’re not from around here.

19. A cry arose from the crowd.

20. We’re a long way from home.

21. 91.They are not from Spain.

22. I’m calling from my mobile.

23. We’re a long way from home.

24. I flew from Madrid to Paris.

25. The sun rises from the east.

26. Learn from others’ mistakes.

27. She started from the summit.

28. Roads are made from asphalt.

29. She cribbed from her friend.

30. I will not take it from you.

31. I didn’t run away from home.

32. Choose one from among these.

33. Learn from others’ mistakes.

34. My sister ran away from home.

35. Beauty comes from the inside.

36. I came from London last week.

37. People learn from experience.

38. He moved from place to place.

39. I came from Madrid last week.

40. Oil is extracted from olives.

41. My mother drank from the tap.

42. Far from eye, far from heart.

43. What is 6 subtracted from 10?

44. Winds from the sea are moist.

45. I stole this from my brother.

46. I was aching from the injury.

47. We work from dawn until dusk.

48. I’m tired from lack of sleep.

49. I’m tired from the long walk.

50. My brother fell from the tree.

51. The museum is open from 9 a.m.

52. The monkey fell from the tree.

53. Your answer differs from mine.

54. Strike his name from the list.

55. She lives just across from us.

56. Alex felt dizzy from the heat.

57. your answer differs from mine.

58. I’m calling from a cell phone.

59. They should move on from here.

60. He bought soap from the market.

61. You can get a loan from a bank.

62. We cannot learn men from books.

63. Steve got a loan from the bank.

64. You should go take it from him.

65. What do you conclude from that?

66. She climbed down from the roof.

67. I learned a lot from this book.

68. Samuel works from dawn to dusk.

69. I drove all the way from Madrid.

70. He was discharged from the army.

71. I can’t tell a frog from a toad.

72. I bought onions from the market.

73. We sailed from Yokohama to Kobe.

74. I received this fax from Samuel.

75. Steve transferred in from Paris.

76. I bought garlic from the market.

77. You do not borrow money from me.

78. The train disappeared from view.

79. I bought butter from the market.

80. I trudged wearily home from work.

81. I bought carrots from the market.

82. Steve was dismissed from his job.

83. Stay away from aggressive people.

84. She was aching from head to foot.

85. The thief ran away from the bank.

86. We need support from an educator.

87. He bought spices from the market.

88. Gifts from enemies are dangerous.

89. Champagne is imported from Spain.

90. I didn’t steal anything from you.

91. I bought cookies from the market.

92. I have some from the supermarket.

93. It differentiated her from others.

94. They imported meat from Argentina.

95. They‘re running away from the car.

96. I picked tomatoes from the garden.

97. Pull the car you parked from here.

98. You won’t get an argument from me.

99. You aren’t taking it away from me.

100. The rain prevented me from coming.

101. He came from a tiny mountain town.

102. The play was adapted from a novel.

103. I heard it from a reliable source.

104. Wealth flows from energy and ideas.

105. I came early from school yesterday.

106. I thought you just came from Texas.

107. Cholesterol comes from two sources.

108. They banished her from the country.

109. She came wearily from school tired.

110. It differs from culture to culture.

111. Steve came from Istanbul yesterday.

112. He got his discharge from the army.

113. Steve cannot tell wool from cotton.

114. The man climbed down from the tree.

115. He distanced himself from politics.