Sentences with Get, Get in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Get

Sentences with Get, Get in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Get


1. Did you get it?

2. I said get down!

3. I don’t get sick.

4. You’ll get over it.

5. I’ll get the phone.


6. Go get your helmet.

7. You might get hurt.

8. You might get lucky.

9. Please, just get up.

10. Don’t talk, get out!

11. I’d better get home.


12. It’s getting chilly.

13. It was getting dark.

14. I’ll go get changed.

15. We won’t get caught.

16. I’ll get rid of them.

17. Did you get my point?

18. Don’t get so excited.

19. Alex often gets sick.

20. Where did you get it?

21. I’ll get rid of them.

22. I must get some sleep.

23. Did you get your wish?

24. We don’t get visitors.

25. How did you get these?

26. Did you get the check?

27. Let’s get some dinner.

28. I always get up at six.

29. Which one should I get?

30. I’ll go get cleaned up.

31. Where can I get a taxi?

32. I have to get up early.

33. How do you get to work?

34. I sometimes get scared.

35. I’ll go get cleaned up.

36. Didn’t you get my note?

37. Alex must get up early.

38. We must get up at dawn.

39. He always gets up late.

40. Steve’s getting chilly.

41. Can you get rid of that?

42. You give before you get.

43. Don’t get your hopes up.

44. Excuse me. May I get by?

45. What time do you get up?

46. Don’t get your hopes up.

47. We get a lot of requests.

48. I hope you get well soon.

49. Tom didn’t get the irony.

50. Could we get out of here?

51. How do you get to school?

52. I can’t get this lid off.

53. I cannot get the lid off.

54. I am trying to get to her.

55. Can we get copies of this?

56. I usually get up at eight.

57. Jim can’t get the lid off.

58. I don’t get many visitors.

59. She usually gets up early.

60. It doesn’t get any easier.

61. I didn’t get a clear look.

62. My cough is getting worse.

63. When did you get divorced?

64. The cat is getting thicker.

65. Now let’s get down to work.

66. Go get your shoes polished.

67. I need to go get my laptop.

68. Alex is getting suspicious.

69. We’ll never get through it.

70. I can’t get rid of my cold.

71. We’ll get you squared away.

72. He gets up early every day.

73. We don’t get many visitors.

74. I don’t get along with him.

75. When do you usually get up?

76. Steve didn’t get the irony.

77. Didn’t you get the tickets?

78. Can we get copies of these?

79. Didn’t you get the tickets?

80. I managed to get rid of him.

81. I get paid $3.000 per month.

82. I get dizzy when I stand up.

83. Can’t we all just get along?

84. You’ve got to get rid of it.

85. Frank was getting impatient.

86. So you get twice the backup.

87. I’m going to get your pills.

88. George is getting impatient.

89. The early bird gets the worm.

90. Let’s get this party rolling.

91. Where did you get the recipe?

92. I can’t get a hold of Samuel.

93. It is time for you to get up.

94. Wow! Did you get married too?

95. I’m used to getting up early.

96. How can I get to the stadium?

97. We don’t have to get up early.

98. When does Rita usually get up?

99. Can I get the emission values?

100. Life is a train, get on board.

101. We need to get a blood sample.

102. Let’s not get Alex’s hopes up.

103. Samuel didn’t want get caught.

104. What you give is what you get.

105. How much detention did you get?