Sentences with Hard, Hard in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hard

Sentences with Hard, Hard in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hard


1. They work hard.

2. I can hardly stand.

3. That would be hard.

4. Don’t work too hard.

5. A hard nut to crack.


6. That must’ve been hard.

7. You’ll have a hard time.

8. I love hard-boiled eggs.

9. It must be hard for you.

10. He is hard to deal with.

11. Steve trained very hard.


12. You had not studied hard.

13. Ants are very hardworking.

14. Alex could hardly breathe.

15. Hard words break no bones.

16. Wisdom requires hard work.

17. This one’s a little harder.

18. She told him to try harder.

19. They work hard at their job.

20. 101.We don’t work very hard.

21. Samuel certainly tries hard.

22. He is not working very hard.

23. I hardly ever go to museums.

24. It’s hard to master Spanish.

25. We dislikes hard boiled eggs.

26. She is smart and hardworking.

27. We appreciate your hard work.

28. My brother worked really hard.

29. Marriage is hard work, period.

30. Mary is a hard-working person.

31. I really like hard boiled eggs.

32. Steve worked hard only to fail.

33. The ground was too hard to dig.

34. Frank hardly ever eats oranges.

35. Frank is, indeed, a hard worker.

36. You must try hard for the match.

37. Samuel could hardly believe him.

38. You hardly ever remember dreams.

39. Who installed the new hard drive?

40. Melissa is a hardworking student.

41. You really like hard boiled eggs.

42. I am sorry I gave you a hard time.

43. He has ambition, so he works hard.

44. Steve kicked the ball really hard.

45. I prefer hardwood floors to carpet.

46. Jane is so fat she can hardly walk.

47. He succeeded because he worked hard.

48. My boss assigned the hard job to me.