Sentences with Help, Help in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Help

Sentences with Help, Help in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Help

1. Help me.

2. I needed help.

3. Can I help you?

4. May I help you?

5. Can you help us?

6. The twins helped.

7. Could I help you?

8. Will you help me?

9. Would you help me?

10. Hey! Can you help?

11. Will you help them?

12. It helped me a lot.

13. I want to help you.

14. How may I help you?

15. I want to help him.

16. Please, help me now!

17. We want to help you.

18. I will not help you.

19. His aunt would help.

20. They came to help me.

21. We can use your help.

22. Alex refused to help.

23. You were able to help.

24. I’m going to help you.

25. Help me out, will you?

26. I need help with this.

27. Hi, how can I help you?

28. I was able to help her.

29. Don’t rely on his help.

30. Incentives always help.

31. I am helping my father.

32. Come over and help out.

33. I wish I had some help.

34. They sought Alex’s help.

35. We must help each other.

36. Can you help me, please?

37. We appreciate your help.

38. They refused to help us.

39. I will help in December.

40. I really need your help.

41. I appreciated your help.

42. He needs help right now.

43. Could you help me please?

44. Can I help you with this?

45. I really need their help.

46. He does not need help now.

47. This book is very helpful.

48. Samuel refused to help me.

49. Hello, how can I help you?

50. I guess it can’t be helped.

51. Why doesn’t Frank help you?

52. Shall I ask Peter for help?

53. Jessica refused to help us.

54. Steve refused to help Mary.

55. She will help him tomorrow.

56. Jessica refused to help me.

57. I could use some help here.

58. We’ll help you rescue Alex.

59. I’m depending on your help.

60. Steve needs financial help.

61. Help me learn how to drive.

62. I would help you if I could.

63. He gave a loud cry for help.

64. My mother asked me for help.

65. I might be able to help you.

66. We have to help poor people.

67. I helped an old lady across.

68. Frank has requested our help.

69. Alex appealed to us for help.

70. Why don’t you let me help you?

71. The dogs help herd the cattle.

72. Steve couldn’t help but blush.

73. Tom can’t rely on Mary’s help.

74. I would help you with Spanish.

75. Samuel prayed to God for help.

76. I could help you with Spanish.

77. We should help pregnant women.

78. He asked why he wasn’t helping.

79. Please help me clean the house.

80. A map helps us study geography.

81. I helped my mother a lot today.

82. They came to help us yesterday.

83. If we don’t help, she could die.

84. Do you need help with your bags?

85. I will be helping Alex tomorrow.

86. Jessica appealed to me for help.

87. Jessica volunteered to help him.

88. If you want, I can help you too.

89. The woman called out to help me.

90. I still can’t help wondering why.

91. Do you know? How is that helpful?

92. I persuaded my sister to help me.

93. Can you help me upload this file?

94. Can I help you with your luggage?

95. I still can’t help wondering why.

96. Can someone help me with my bags?

97. Medicines are bitter but helpful.

98. The drowning man shouted for help.

99. The villagers stopped to help her.

100. I helped my son with his homework.

101. Frank doesn’t need Jessica’s help.

102. Everybody asked if you could help.

103. Please help me fill out this form.

104. He consented to help the old lady.

105. Let me help you with your luggage.

106. Can you help me wash these dishes?

107. I’m happy you volunteered to help.

108. Steve thanked Pam for helping him.