Sentences with Hour, Hour in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hour

Sentences with Hour, Hour in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hour

1. We’ve got three hours.

2. I slept for nine hours.

3. I slept just two hours.

4. Alex slept three hours.

5. I studied for one hour.

6. I slept just three hours.

7. I ate lunch two hours ago.

8. I can make it in two hours.

9. I rented a boat by the hour.

10. We rested there for an hour.

11. They will be here in an hour.

12. How much do you make an hour?

13. I gazed at the sea for hours.

14. We will be sailing in an hour.

15. I will have slept eight hours.

16. We broadcast news on the hour.

17. I worked for 3 hours yesterday.

18. I have been working for 3 hours.

19. Some voters waited hours to vote.

20. I saw Alex less than an hour ago.

21. I take a break every three hours.

22. I sleep six hours a day on average.

23. I have been studying for two hours.

24. I have studied at home for one hour.

25. You have 2 hours to clean your room.

26. The plane will take off in two hours.

27. They will have called us in two hours.

28. We will leave the mixture for 2 hours.

29. The climb to the summit took six hours.

30. She has been watching TV for six hours.

31. The cargo ship arrived four hours early.

32. It will take a half hour set up the tent.

33. They have been talking for the last hour.

34. He has been teaching English for 2 hours.

35. Who has been sleeping for fourteen hours?

36. The darkest hour is that before the dawn.

37. Jessica has been trapped an hour already.

38. Unfortunately I hit the morning rush hour.

39. It took us half an hour to set up the tent.

40. We listened to music for 2 hours yesterday.

41. I searched for hours, but couldn’t find it.

42. The trip will take approximately five hours.

43. In an hour I’ll still be ironing my clothes.

44. Steve works an average of 100 hours a month.

45. The baby hasn’t been crying for three hours.

46. The little baby had been crying for 2 hours.

47. I play the guitar for 1 hour in the evening.

48. Alex will land in Paris in an hour and a half.

49. He has been reading a newspaper for two hours.

50. Pleasure and action make the hours seem short.

51. They’ll be leaving Istanbul in two hours’ time.

52. We have been calling our relatives for 3 hours.

53. We played games in the park for hours yesterday.

54. They have been staring at squirrels for an hour.

55. He has been dancing around the house for 4 hours.

56. I read for half an hour every day in the evening.

57. Mary had been knitting for an hour when I called.

58. They chatted over coffee for more than four hours.

59. An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.

60. They have been talking about the match for 3 hours.

61. Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

62. The cat has been searching for the toy for 2 hours.

63. George used to lo himself in the basement for hours.

64. Have Steve’s children playing at the park for hours?

65. Daniel had been watching TV for hours before he slept.

66. The dog has been barking incessantly for the past hour.

67. By 14, they will have been playing football for 3 hours.

68. 140.A 16-year-old should sleep eight or seven hours a day.

69. The guests have been watching the performance for 2 hours.

70. After three hours in the casino, he’s $22,245 in the hole.

71. She will have been sleeping for one hour when he gets home.

72. They followed its trail that passed here about an hour ago.

73. I had been sleeping for three hours when my alarm went off.

74. It had been raining for hours and the streets were very wet.

75. At five o’clock, the baby will have been crying for one hour.

76. Natural beauty takes at least two hours in front of a mirror.

77. The students must study English at least eleven hours a week.

78. Will they have been waiting for three hours when we come back?

79. More than anything else, expertise tracks with hours invested.

80. Men do not shape destiny, Destiny produces the man for the hour.

81. By midnight they will have been studying for exams for ten hours.

82. I waited in line for four hours because I’m such a big fan of her.

83. The kid has been running and jumping in the playhouse for 2 hours.

84. I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.

85. She will have been sleeping at home for two hours when we arrives.

86. When you rang me at truly shocking hours of the night, I loved you.

87. Paula is not going to have been doing workouts for over three hours.

88. Despite they had been training for hours, they lost the football game.

89. Children have been playing computer games in the lounge for two hours.

90. We need to forgive and be forgiven every day, every hour increasingly.