Sentences with Job, Job in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Job

Sentences with Job, Job in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Job


1. What’s your job?

2. He got a new job.

3. Alex needed a job.

4. I have done my job.

5. You did a great job!


6. I want to do my job.

7. It was an inside job.

8. Steve found a new job.

9. I tried to find a job.

10. Is your job permanent?

11. I got my old job back.


12. I will not do this job.

13. Alex applied for a job.

14. I got a job as a waiter.

15. I like my job just fine.

16. There were lots of jobs.

17. My car needs a brake job.

18. You’ve done a superb job.

19. This job calls for skill.

20. I lost my job on Tuesday.

21. Steve Jobs Quotes on Work

22. I’d like my old job back.

23. I got a job as a waitress.

24. Why did you quit your job?

25. They work hard at their job.

26. You must apply for that job.

27. I will quit my job in August.

28. I’ll apply for the job today.

29. How do you like your new job?

30. My best friend has a new job.

31. You should quit that job now.

32. It was his job to gather eggs.

33. You should apply for that job.

34. She started a new job in June.

35. I started a new job last month.

36. He started his new job in July.

37. He started his new job in June.

38. I am in between jobs right now.

39. Steve wants me to quit this job.

40. Congratulations on your new job.

41. Tourism generated many new jobs.

42. I got a new job and bought a car.

43. What are his official job duties?

44. Steve was dismissed from his job.

45. He applied for the job and got it.

46. Alex’s job creates extreme stress.

47. He started his new job in October.

48. I’m starting a new job in October.

49. Steve considered changing his job.

50. Alex’s job creates extreme stress.

51. He started his new job in January.

52. I will start a new job in January.

53. Her age qualifies her for the job.

54. Alex was trapped in a dead-end job.

55. Kevin’s job creates extreme stress.

56. I’m starting a new job in November.

57. I’m starting a new job in December.

58. She works in a very high salary job.

59. I hope your new job brings you luck.

60. My boss assigned the hard job to me.

61. I’m starting a new job in September.

62. Steve was trapped in a dead-end job.

63. He started his new job in September.

64. I don’t think she is fit for the job.

65. Now is the time to start our new job.

66. John changed jobs to earn more money.

67. We could not get a job at those times.

68. You are doing a great job! Keep it up.

69. I congratulate you on a job well done.

70. They divided the jobs into categories.

71. This job requires a lot of experience.

72. I haven’t been able to find a job yet.

73. Different jobs require different tools.

74. He declined the job-offer very politely.

75. Do you think I’m qualified for that job?

76. Frank took a job with a trading company.

77. There’s a degree of stress in every job.

78. I was hired originally to do another job.

79. I like my job in spite of the low salary.

80. I don’t think John is suited for the job.

81. Have you heard whether Frank got the job?

82. Parenting is an impossible job at any age.

83. 141.I haven’t been able to find a job yet.

84. I encouraged her to look for a better job.

85. She made a quick adjustment to her new job.

86. Has Alejandro started a new job this month?

87. Neither we nor anyone else can do this job.

88. Excuse me, what job experience do you have?

89. They congratulated him on finding a new job.

90. Samuel declined the job-offer very politely.

91. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth.

92. I have to find a new job, for I am unemployed.

93. You can’t get a job unless you have experience.

94. She has been working in the same job for years.

95. Maybe my last opportunity to get into this job.

96. 146.Neither we nor anyone else can do this job.

97. Despite her young age, she did a very good job.

98. A good job was offered me, hence I accepted it.

99. Samuel claims that Jessica promised him the job

100. Since no one else volunteered, the job is yours.

101. There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes.

102. She announced that she was looking for a new job.

103. They have earned a lot of money thanks to our job.

104. 29.Despite her young age, she did a very good job.

105. He did an excellent job of explaining the subject.

106. What do role desirables mean in a job description?

107. Yesterday we applied for a new job with my father.

108. We are convinced that this job is perfect for you.

109. Looking for someone with good diction for this job.

110. Frank advised the job applicant to redo her resume.

111. I think this job will be very good for your career.

112. In spite of her young age, she did a very good job.

113. We are convinced that this job is excellent for you.

114. Whereas we did all the job, they enjoyed themselves.

115. We are convinced that this job is wonderful for you.

116. 117.She has a job interview, so she will go to Paris.

117. Mary was upset at having been passed over for the job.

118. He is not aware that he is doing a very dangerous job.

119. We are convinced that this job is magnificent for you.

120. You’ve done a wonderful job on the interior decoration.

121. 12.Whereas we did all the job, they enjoyed themselves.

122. As long as you do your job, you don’t have to be afraid.

123. So that he could keep him job, he didn’t complain at all.

124. If you want a privileged job, you’ll need to work harder.

125. 10.If I can finish these jobs, I can rest until the night.

126. Will he have learned all information about this job by May?

127. At a rough estimate, I would say the job will take two weeks.