Sentences with Obviously, Obviously in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Obviously

Sentences with Obviously, Obviously in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Obviously


1. Mark is obviously shaken.

2. My mom obviously had a problem.

3. Frank’s obviously under a lot of stress.

4. Steve obviously has severe mental problems.

5. Obviously, I’m attracted to heavier movies.


6. The word “fine” is the greatest abbreviation and obviously wrong.

7. Of course, the ideal scenario for parenting is obviously two parents of a mature age.

8. Remember, I’m a doctor’s daughter. So obviously I’m interested in all medical things.

9. A girl who bonnets a policeman with an ashcan full of bottles is obviously good wife-and-mother timber.

10. Obviously, marriage is not a synonym for morality. But stable marriages and families do encourage moral behavior.

11. Because to confide a part of your soul to something that can think and move for itself is obviously a very risky business.


12. I’m not eager to jump into marriage again. I’m in the corner right now, wearing my dunce cap. That area is obviously a nightmare.

13. I just always expect the best because I’m a competitor and if I’m competing, then obviously I’m trying to be better in everything.

14. I think the 1970s will always be the decade for me. Obviously, I grew up in that era, but the beauty standard was touchable, kissable.

15. My mom didn’t ever think I would take to acting because I was a very shy, very reserved kind of child. But obviously, something changed!

16. I’m more like my father, personality-wise. But my mom and I get alone really well – obviously, because my mom and my dad get along so well.

17. Sometimes I wish that I hadn’t learned how to crochet,” I say, and Alice laughs. Obviously she thinks I’m joking, which is maybe for the best.

18. We’ll sort of get over the marriage first and then maybe look at the kids. But obviously we want a family so we’ll have to start thinking about that.

19. The New York City Ballet is obviously speaking to a whole new generation and bringing it the same wonder and beauty that it brought previous generations.

20. You want me to be a tragic backdrop so that you can appear to be illuminated, so that people can say ‘Wow, isn’t he so terribly brave to love a girl who is so obviously sad?’

21. Our parents are obviously proud, but they’re still trying to get used to the fact that we’re in a band. I have a feeling my mom would actually like One Direction if I wasn’t in it!

22. Def Leppard is obviously a different band that we are, but the music work well tighter. And the audiences seem work well together too. We are opening, but we’re having a good time.