Sentences with Spanish, Spanish in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Spanish

Sentences with Spanish, Spanish in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Spanish


1. Did he learn spanish?

2. Can you count in Spanish?

3. How was the Spanish class?

4. We learn Spanish at school.

5. She can speak Spanish, too.


6. Japanese is unlike Spanish.

7. I’m focusing on my Spanish.

8. He acquired Spanish quickly.

9. It’s hard to master Spanish.

10. Do you want to learn Spanish?

11. Are you able to speak Spanish?


12. I would help you with Spanish.

13. They are learning Spanish now.

14. Have you ever sung in Spanish?

15. I could help you with Spanish.

16. Spanish is her native language.

17. I think her Spanish is perfect.

18. I’d like to improve my Spanish.

19. England imports Spanish produce.

20. Your Spanish has improved a lot.

21. I think her Spanish is wonderful.

22. She has learned to speak Spanish.

23. I think her Spanish is excellent.

24. Fruits are also cheap in Spanish.

25. Mary read the Spanish translation.

26. Spanish is not difficult to learn.

27. Alex shouted something in Spanish.

28. I think her Spanish is magnificent.

29. I’m not good at speaking Spanish yet.

30. We’re studying Spanish and web design.

31. We’re studying Spanish and web design.

32. I have to use Spanish all day at work.

33. Jessica is a fluent speaker of Spanish.

34. How long has Amy been studying Spanish?

35. I think your Spanish has improved a lot.

36. Mary had an oral examination in Spanish.

37. What’s your purpose in studying Spanish?

38. In addition to French, she speaks Spanish.

39. Apart from Spanish, she also teaches math.

40. Jessica acquired the knowledge of Spanish.

41. She speaks three languages besides Spanish.

42. Frank can’t speak either English or Spanish.

43. 9.In addition to French, she speaks Spanish.

44. The teacher claims that he can speak Spanish.

45. Spanish differ from American in many respects.

46. 23.She speaks three languages besides Spanish.

47. They visited not only Germany but also Spanish.

48. I’m amazed at Steve’s rapid progress in Spanish.

49. I had been studying Spanish before I moved to Spain.

50. I could help you with Spanish if you are interested.

51. He speaks Spanish not only naturally but also fluently.

52. Had you been studying Spanish before you moved to Spain?

53. 69.He speaks Spanish not only naturally but also fluently.

54. Although he was born in Madrid, he speaks Spanish very badly.

55. Although studying Spanish seems difficult, it’s simpler than you think.

56. If I knew some Spanish, I could help you with your Spanish assignment now.