Sentences with Take, Take in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Take

Sentences with Take, Take in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Take


1. I gotta take off.

2. May I take a rest?

3. I’ll take the risk.

4. I’ll take that risk.

5. Did you take a bath?


6. Let’s take a survey.

7. I want to take both.

8. Let’s take a survey.

9. We’ll take the risk.

10. We’ll take that risk.

11. I’ll take the stairs.


12. Did you take his pen?

13. I’ll take charge now.

14. We should take a walk.

15. Please take your time.

16. We will soon take off.

17. Don’t take it lightly.

18. Will you take a check?

19. We’ll take the stairs.

20. You may take the book.

21. I can’t take that risk.

22. Why don’t you take off?

23. Did you take my fruits?

24. Did you take the money?

25. I didn’t take anything.

26. I didn’t take a shower.

27. I can’t take that risk.

28. I will take it from you.

29. It may take a long time.

30. I have to take medicine.

31. Did you take your pills?

32. They won’t take it away.

33. I take back what I said.

34. We’ll take care of that.

35. I’m going to take a nap.

36. I can’t take it anymore.

37. Don’t take it seriously.

38. I won’t take those pills.

39. I won’t take those pills.

40. I take it you disapprove.

41. Why don’t we take a taxi?

42. I can’t take you with me.

43. Take it easy but take it.

44. Let’s take a picture here.

45. We had better take a taxi.

46. I’ll take my cue from you.

47. Take it easy, but take it.

48. 99.We can’t take the risk.

49. Why don’t you take a break?

50. I’ll take attendance first.

51. I will not take it from you.

52. I don’t take any medication.

53. I take a shower every night.

54. 105.Why didn’t you take Alex?

55. I can’t take another day off.

56. Please don’t take this badly.

57. I want to take him to school.

58. I can’t take another day off.

59. You need to take these pills.

60. To take the bull by the horns.

61. If he comes, take him upstairs.

62. He did not take notes in class.

63. Do you take pride in your hurt?

64. You should go take it from him.

65. Frank is quick to take offense.

66. Could I take your book, please?

67. We’ll take good care of George.

68. 37.I dont’t take the trash out.

69. You might want to take a break.

70. To take counsel of one’s pillow.

71. I’m going to take a short break.

72. Don’t forget to take your pills.

73. Do you ever take sleeping pills?

74. I’m going to take a short break.

75. I’d rather walk than take a bus.

76. You should take care of yourself.

77. I take a break every three hours.

78. We’ll take real good care of you.

79. The children need to take a bath.

80. We must take care of the elderly.

81. Please take off your muddy boots.

82. How about I take you to my studio?

83. He is careful, while I take risks.

84. Do you take public transportation?

85. Let’s take the tube to the picnic.

86. Where did you take your boots off?

87. I usually take a bath after dinner.

88. You should take care of yourselves.

89. You should not go take it from him.

90. Do you want us to take you with us?

91. I couldn’t take my eyes off Samuel.

92. Ninety students will take the exam.

93. I may take you to work if you want.

94. Now listen carefully and take notes.

95. He is careful, whereas I take risks.

96. Frank had better not take out loans.

97. I’m going to take your measurements.

98. He doesn’t even take notes in class.

99. I’ll take the smaller of the pencils.

100. Go into the her room and take wallet.

101. I’ll take his bag to school with you.

102. The plane will take off in two hours.

103. Whatever happens, take responsibility.

104. Seventeen students will take the exam.

105. Alex begged me to take him to the zoo.

106. I didn’t take those pills you gave me.

107. Did you take your vitamin this morning?

108. The dentist has to take out this tooth.

109. What did the thief take from the house?

110. 113.You should not go take it from him.

111. 64.He is careful, whereas I take risks.

112. I’ll take onion rings instead of fries.

113. Don’t worry, They’ll take care of Alex.

114. Give him an inch and he’ll take an ell.

115. I sweat a lot, I need to take a shower.

116. Samuel begged me to take him to the zoo.

117. Time to go take a header off the bridge.

118. It will take a half hour set up the tent.

119. It says on the label to take two tablets.

120. It’ll take you awhile to compile the data.

121. I can take down the messages that come in.

122. If you take the ice outside, it will melt.

123. Steve suggested that we take a short rest.

124. I usually take a bath before going to bed.

125. You should take a break and get some rest.

126. Tourists take pictures next to the statue.

127. I didn’t take in much of the teacher said.

128. How much money should I take along with me?

129. He wanted to take the baggage to the hotel.

130. If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

131. If I had time, I would take you for a ride.

132. He is not qualified to take the examination.

133. Would you like to take part in the festival?

134. Let me take a look at your driver’s license.