Sentences with That, That in a Sentence in English, Sentences For That

Sentences with That, That in a Sentence in English, Sentences For That


1. Is that a pencil?

2. Hold that thought.

3. Isn’t that ironic?

4. Is that surprising?

5. 141.Give that back!


6. Isn’t that awesome?

7. I guess that works.

8. Would that be wise?

9. Is that your wallet?

10. Isn’t that adorable?

11. Put that in writing.


12. I’ll take that risk.

13. I’m not that cynical.

14. Get that book for me.

15. Can I see that again?

16. We’ll take that risk.

17. What’s that scar from?

18. Wouldn’t that be neat?

19. I didn’t make that up.

20. It’s all that matters.

21. Who planned that trip?

22. Who spread that rumor?

23. I can’t take that risk.

24. I don’t trust that guy.

25. I have seen that movie.

26. You can say that again.

27. It was chilly that day.

28. I can’t take that risk.

29. Is that so unreasonable?

30. I grew up in that house.

31. I’ll solve that problem.

32. I reckon that I’m right.

33. I love that combination.

34. Must you make that noise?

35. Who designed that museum?

36. Tell that to the marines.

37. We won’t let that happen.

38. Lightning hit that tower.

39. How much is that painting?

40. Who’s that man over there?

41. We knew that might happen.

42. Who gave you that package?

43. Do you find that annoying?

44. Is Steve aboard that ship?

45. Did you tape that concert?

46. I’m glad that you’re here.

47. How high is that mountain?

48. I resent that implication.

49. I admit that it’s strange.

50. The boy loaned me that DVD.

51. Are that green house yours?

52. She’s a survivor, that one.

53. I used to do that as a kid.

54. I knew you’d bring that up.

55. It’s pride that drives her.

56. Can you explain that again?

57. It’s next to that building.

58. I finally passed that test.

59. I knew you’d bring that up.

60. Is that dog male or female?

61. Why go to all that trouble?

62. They carried out that plan.

63. I think that it might rain.

64. You can’t outrun that bear.

65. All is well that ends well.

66. We must carry out that plan.

67. Don’t give me that sad look.

68. My family is not that large.

69. 18.Must you make that noise?

70. You see, that is my dilemma.

71. Is that bird male or female?

72. I thought that was the case.

73. Wait, that bridge is rotten!

74. I wouldn’t like that either.

75. You’d better hand that over.

76. Drive the nail that will go.

77. I can do that if you let me.

78. Doesn’t that make you happy?

79. I have to deny that request.

80. I have never read that book.

81. You must apply for that job.

82. I’m certain that he’ll come.

83. I’m fully aware of that fact.

84. He that talks much lies much.

85. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

86. He clearly stated that point.

87. I have to say that I’m sorry.

88. I believe that he’ll do fine.

89. I’m glad you brought that up.

90. You should quit that job now.

91. He that talks much errs much.

92. Wouldn’t that cause problems?

93. I meant that as a compliment.

94. I’m sure that you’ll succeed.

95. Just don’t light that candle.

96. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

97. Beauty that arose out of pain.

98. What would Alex want that for?

99. No one can be that disgusting.

100. Can I register for that class?