What is implicit sentence? Implicit Sentences Examples

What is implicit sentence? Implicit Sentences Examples

Implicit Sentences

Implicit sentences appear a lot in daily life. Usually, we don’t notice when we use them. However, we will make you notice. In our article, we will explain the subject of an implicit sentence with examples.

What Is Implicit Sentence?

The implicit sentence actually means hidden meaning. You imply the other party without saying anything. The other person understands what you want to say even though you have not said it. Such sentences are called implicit sentences. It can be used in expressions that are not said directly.

Examples Of Implicit Sentences

Below you will see examples suitable for implicit sentences. These will help you understand the subject better.

  • The fact that my father took the computer away was a sign that he was angry. Actually, he did not tell me that he was angry, but I can see that he was angry with my test result.
  • My mother’s saying please eat the food made me realize that she was cooking the food I don’t like. She does not say you do not like these, but it shows up every time.
  • We all understood that there would be an exam tomorrow because the teacher said please come prepared.
  • My friend Jack didn’t say you could use my books, but putting them in front of me made me think about it.
  • I immediately understood that he needed help by asking if he has learned these issues well. I’ll go to help him in the afternoon.
  • The fact that my father said every day that he no longer liked television was telling us that he wanted a new one. Even if my mother does not want us to buy a new TV, my father seems to be buying it soon.
  • We have made an agreement that he will return these pens when I give them to him. After all, I did not say it should be yours. He still hasn’t, but I think he will.
  • The girl I saw in the cafe smiled encouraged me. I thought I could go and say hello and that’s why I went.

  • Mom’s angry gaze made it clear that she didn’t like my dad’s attitude. If my father doesn’t understand this, the fight will get bigger.
  • As everyone knows, shaking hands means making a deal. We know that when two people shake hands, they agree, even if they do not speak.
  • If you borrow something, you make an agreement that you will return it. There is no need to state this.
  • There is a promise of devotion there, even if they don’t say it when a couple holds hands. Marriage also includes this commitment promise. Most people today don’t take this into account.
  • In fact, you state that you will not cheat while taking the exams. Being an exam is not based on cheating. If there is a copy, exams lose their meaning.
  • It made me very happy that my father gave me the keys to the cottage. This means going to the summer house and having fun with my friends. Actually, he didn’t say you can go and have fun but I understand.
  • When people are dating, they make it clear that they will not implicitly meet with others. Meeting with others is considered wrong. Even if this perception has changed a little today.
  • Even if some rights are not mentioned, parents have rights over their children. When they have children, they promise to raise their children.
  • We immediately realized that he did not want to meet with us because he said “I have a job”. Actually, we know he has no job, but we respect his decision.
  • The teacher understood that the students did not understand the subject because they did not want to do the questions. He did a study lesson to explain them in detail after school.
  • My uncle and dad are doing a joint business. There is an invisible agreement between them not to do business without knowing each other. Although this is never said, they do not spend without notice.
  • The place where my father sits at the table is known to everyone. We do not need to say that, and nobody will sit in his place.