Homonyms, Definition and Examples

English List of Homonyms, Definition and Example Sentences;

English List of Homonyms, Definition and Example Sentences

Homonyms are words have the same spelling and the same pronunciation, but they have different definitions depending on the context.

Address- Address

  • Can you give me your home address?
  • This dress addressed me.


The band – the band

  • Group of old queen songs played.
  • He often ties his hair in the band.


Bat – Bat

  • I’m sick of bats.
  • This information once bat.


Nail – Nail

  • My little brother put red nail polish on her nails.
  • The key was hung by a nail near the door.


Match – Match

  • If he suspect a gas leak, does not use matches.
  • Each of fingerprint matches those found.


Right right

  • I’m sure you’re right.
  • Turn right at the bookstore around the corner.


Mean – Mean

  • What does this post mean?
  • She needed to find a mean between frankness and rudeness.


Ring Ring

  • What a brilliant ring!
  • The kids drew a ring on the floor.


Rose – Rose

  • The child has a rose garden.
  • Sales rose by 30% over the Christmas period.


Stalk – Stalk

  • Jony ate the apple, stalk and all.
  • Snatching up your bag, you stalk out of the room


Clip – Clip

  • We are clips from the new James Bond film.
  • Attach the wire to a metal clip.


Tie – Tie

  • She had to his hands together.
  • I wear a shirt and tie at school.


Cool – Cool

  • The child swam out into the cool water.
  • When tempers had cooled, she apologized.


Rock – Rock

  • Komuro formed a rock band with some friends in high school.
  • They had to cut 600 feet of solid rock to build the tunnel.


Palm – Palm

  • Sussie held the bird gently in the palm of his hand.
  • The coconut palm is a native of Us.


Ruler – Ruler

  • We have a 12 inch ruler.
  • King Priam was a firm, but just strick ruler.


Spread- spring

  • I’m sorry I spread it to you, but I found another job.
  • I gave birth in the spring of 1944.