Commonly Used Verbs List in English

Detailed Verbs List;

Commonly Used Verbs List in English

Accept Care
Achieve Carry
Admit Catch
Affect Cause
Afford Change
Agree Check
Allow Choose
Answer Clear
Apply Clean
Argue Collect
Arrange Come
Arrive Complain
Ask Complete
Avoid Consist
Become Contain
Begin Continue
Could Enjoy
Create Exist
Cross Expect
Cut Experience
Damage Explain
Deal Express
Deliver Face
Deny Fall
Depend Feel
Describe Find
Destroy Finish
Develop Fly
Disappear Follow
Discover Forget
Do Forgive
Dress Form
Eat Go
Encourage Grow


Happen Learn
Have Leave
Hear Lend
Help Like
Hide Limit
Hold Listen
Improve Make
Increase Matter
Influence Mean
Inform Measure
Invite Meet
Involve Mention
Join Mind
Keep Move
Know Must
Last Need
Prefer Reply
Prepare Report
Press Result
Protect Rise
Provide Run
Push Save
Reach Say
Read See
Receive Sell
Show Think
Sing Throw
Speak Try
Stand Turn
Start Understand
State Use
Study Visit
Succeed Wait
Supply Walk

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