Adjectives of Attitude, Definition and Examples

English Adjectives of Attitude, Definition and Examples


English Adjectives of Attitude, Definition and Examples

All words that describe the name is called adjective. There may be more than one adjective before a name, and it does not matter whether they are singular or plural. Pronouns are words used instead of nouns, so they can be characterized by adjectives. More than one adjective used before a name can either be separated by a comma or written without a comma. For example, when two adjectives that declare color are used together, an ‘and’ is inserted.

When more than two colors are in succession, ‘and’ is placed between the last two colors. When more than one adjective is used before a name, they are written in a generally followed order. In this ranking, it is preceded by general qualifications. Usually the sequence shown below is followed, but there may be exceptions.

General meaning+ size, smallness+ age, oldness, innovation+ color+ the town where it belongs+ what it is made

Adjectives are commonly used words in english, and there are attitudes adjectives in the adjectives. With these attitudes adjectives, we can describe our environment or other things in detail. The most commonly used ones are given below.

List of Adjectives of Attitude
  • amused
  • angry
  • apathetic
  • benevolent
  • brave
  • callous
  • facetious
  • fanciful
  • flippant
  • choleric
  • coarse
  • furious
  • coarse
  • furious
  • scornful
  • disdainful
  • disgruntled
  • disappointed
  • enthusiastic
  • friendly
  • satiric
  • cynical
  • humorous
  • joyful
  • sardonic
  • indignant
  • belligerent
  • appreciative
  • disinterested
  • irreverent
  • ridiculing
  • arrogant
  • dreamy
  • irritated
  • romantic
  • sad
  • joking
  • droll
  • artificial
  • contemplative
  • conventional
  • disgusted
  • earnest
  • ecstatic
  • elated
  • cheery
  • giddy
  • passionate
  • surly
  • surprised
  • testy
  • threatening
  • tired
  • uninterested
  • vibrant
  • whimsical
  • wrathful
  • wry
  • relaxed
  • reflective
  • hurtful
  • happy
  • cold
  • comical
  • outraged
  • snooty
  • silly
  • loving
  • malicious
  • erudite
  • awe
  • coarse

Example Sentences with Adjectives of Attitude
  • He has changed a lot now, becoming a very apathetic person.
  • The character I’m playing at this week’s theater is a cynical old man.
  • I look at the young people who grow up now, they have a very dreamy personality.
  • Today I met a teenager with whimsical ideas at school.
  • He has a soul relaxed soul that he has completed all his exams!