Collective Noun For Emus, Collective Nouns List Emus

Collective Noun For Emus, Collective Nouns List Emus


Collective Noun For Emus

Think about the New World and the continents of it. All the New World lands host interesting creatures. Which one of them is the weirdest? Even if there is not any objective answer to this question, probably one single continent of the New World deserves respect to by hosting the weirdest species. Let’s support our argument by giving some specific examples. What is a spider’s ideal size? For an Aussie or not? Should an animal beat people by its fists? In Australia or not? What is the fastest travel method for a bird? Is that question for an Aussie bird or not? Let’s answer the focus on the last question. Emus the birds that are known by their ability to run fast. Let’s learn more from them in the framework of collective nouns. Let’s find a collective noun for emus. Or should we find more?

Here are 200 examples of collective nouns

Mob of emus

Emus are one of the most interesting animals in the world, that is a commonly agreed thought. But the other feature they have is they are extremely dangerous. According to the police records of Australia, there are the pet emus that killed their owners. By this sense, they earn an amusing collective noun for emus. The word, “mob” is. Let’s clarify the usage of the word by examples.

  1. The famous cartoon character Road Runner was escaping from the coyote because it was alone. A mob of emus is can’t be threatened easily.
  2. I guess Australia is a bit tough choice to go camping. Imagine, the possibility to be crushed by a mob of emus is not low.
  3. It was nice while it lasted to be in the extremely hot deserts of Australia but being chased by a mob of emus was an endgame to me.
  4. Sometimes I see interesting dreams. In one of my dreams, cute koalas were riding a mob of emus and chasing koalas. No more Aussie jokes now.

Flock of emus

In general, you have the ability to use the well-known word “flock” for emus when pointing out a group of the same kind of birds. The word, “flock” could be used for even ravens or gooses. At the end of the day, emus are a bird species, even if they can’t fly. Being a bird not only means being a flying creature. The word, “flock” is a collective noun for emus.

  1. I am not interested in what does the fox says but a flock of emus is chasing kangaroo. This made my day.
  2. Spending affords on this project is pointless like trying to fly a flock of emus. Sometimes acceptance of the failure is a must.
  3. I was swimming in the Caribbean while my friend was hiding from a flock of emus. You can see the hate from their eyes.

Group of emus

When people mention the collective nouns as a grammar subject, they actually talk about group names. In English, the word, “group” is a collective noun, too. It could be used with basically every object that people need a collective noun and it is totally correct in the framework of grammar.

  1. You are alive now, behave yourself. Heaven can wait but this group of emus cannot. This view is rarely seen.
  2. The panorama of the metal concert was glorious. In the wall of death, people were running towards each other like a group of emus. I wish you could felt the same collective effervescence there.
  3. In the documentary, a group of emus was eating some creatures from the mud. You see the joy on their face.

Herd of emus

Actually, “herd” is generally used to portray a group of domesticated or wild mammals that are used in farming methods like cows, sheep. Even if they are not a mammal, there are farms in Australia to emu breeding. Even some people work like a shepherd to handle their behavior. By that logic, the word “herd” could be useful as a collective noun for emus.

  1. To save the princess from the witch, our hero should be able to stand up on a herd of emus.
  2. A herd of emus was looking to find water. The only way to survive is.
  3. When I got here, that herd of emus was laying down on grasses. Is it OK for them to be like that?