Collective Noun For Mice, Collective Nouns List in English

Collective Noun For Mice, Collective Nouns List in English


Collective Noun For Mice

When learning the English language, it is really important to be able to learn simple phrases in everyday life or learn the potential of words to adapt them each other easily and rapidly. Although individuals whose native language is English know the rules of use of some phrases using the method of insight, unfortunately this does not apply to those who learn English later. There are many questions in the English language, especially about collective nouns. Learning how to use words with a collective semantic meaning can be quite important. We will try to examine this together with you in this content.

Here areĀ 200 examples of collective nouns

Common nouns of mice alternatives can be really useful for you if you are writing essay about the animal kingdom or if you are involved in various speaking activities. We made a short list for you. You can immediately learn how to use different groups of words in the sentence in this list. Because we will be using sentence examples in the continuation of our content. Here are collective nouns for mice mous;

Mischief of Mice

If you want to qualify a certain group of mice, one of the first words you can use is mischief. You can often come across this phrase in literary works, fairy tales or games. When you use this phrase, more than two mice must come to life. When you examine the example sentences, you will understand better what we mean.

  • Mischief of mice was seen in the ground floor area of the school. Therefore, the students were extremely fearful.
  • In the theory of evolution lesson, we carried out experiments and investigations on the mischief of mice to better understand living things and realize the common features among living things.
  • Many cartoons contain mischief of mice characters, which have different characteristics.


Nest of Mices

As you know, different species in the animal kingdom often form a clustered image when they stand together. The size of these animals, standing next to each other and side by side, is generally small. Because mice are usually small animals, they can often appear clustered. Mice are often seen as mentioned, especially in infancy. Of course, it is necessary to underline something at this point.


Mice are mammals. Therefore, mothers breastfeed baby mice for a long time. In breastfeeding processes, we see rats together, clustered in the mother’s abdomen. It may make sense to use the nest of mices phrase, especially when trying to best express such a clustered animal group.

If you are looking for collective names for mices, you can examine the following example sentences and get a general idea about the correct word group usage.

  • Nest of mices stood at the bottom of their mother and in turn was sucking milk.
  • While watching a documentary about the animal kingdom, I came across nest of mice. The little rats looked extremely innocent and beautiful next to each other.
  • If you come across nest of mice one day, you may not fully understand what they are. Because these animals, which have very few feathers, are pink and really small.
  • Even if we don’t find much in the cartoons, the nest of mice image is a nice detail that we have to show our children.

Group of Mice

The last example we mentioned above included a specific collective noun with certain external features. But the example of the collective noun that we will give you now is different than that. Group of mice can be used for large or small mice. Generally, if you want to tell someone that you have seen a mouse but how many mice you see are not particularly important, the use of group of mice will be very convenient for you. Small baby mice or extremely large mice can form a group of mice. If you want to use collective noun for other animals, you can still use the word group.

To learn how to use this phrase in a sentence, we recommend you take a look at the example sentences below:

  • In many horror movies, group of mice is used to make the audience shudder. These animals make creepy sounds as they move from place to place.
  • I just saw the group of mice on the upper floor of the university and ran away in fear. This building needs to be cleaned immediately.
  • Group of mice creates the logo of this brand. Mice are an important resource, especially for this firm that sponsors scientific studies.
  • If you want to get to know the world of animals more closely, I recommend you to watch the documentaries about the coexistence and hunting rituals of a group of mice. Mice are species that are very similar to humans in terms of brain structure.

We have seen 3 different collective names for mices. Follow us for more.