Collective Noun For Pencils, Collective Nouns List Pencils

Collective Noun For Pencils, Collective Nouns List Pencils

Collective Noun For Pencils

Think about a thing that mightier than the sword. Or the history had written with it. What could it be? Pencil, of course. Even if the answer seems like a child’s play, the exact meaning is deeper. It refers to the importance of the creativity and the true power of intellectual capacity, folks. For, example Alexander the Great’s true source of greatness was not his huge army. Imagine a ruler that his supervisor was Aristotle. Probably he was embodied as “philosopher-king” by Plato. Anyway, one of the greatest qualities that Alexander the Great had was control over the language. The usage of true collective nouns is one of the most vital issues of the English language. Here they are some correct examples of the collective noun for pencils.

Here are 200 examples of collective nouns

Case of pencils

Most people keep their pencils in a case. In English, it is common to describe a group of objects by their container. With that logic, the word, “case” is a collective noun for pencils. You should be careful when handling them. They are mightier than a sword.

  1. When my loveliest niece started his new job. As the best uncle of her, I bought her a case of pencils.
  2. It is always important to buy a case of colored pencils for a kindergartener. Colors are good for their creativity.
  3. The company called HTK Game Labs I started to work recently is a great place to work. They gave me a case of Stabilos in the orientation process.

Pack of pencils

We are all aware that most of the objects’ container is a pack. It is easy to transfer. Even the recycling process is easy. We have the ability to use the container’s name as a collective noun. Therefore, the word “pack” could be a useful collective noun for pencils.

  1. I swear, there was a pack of pencils in the hangar. You should be public enemy number one to lose them.
  2. Students from a university club called Erasmus Student Network have donated ten packs of pencils to the extremely low-funded primary school.

Gross of pencils

Gross means disgusting in regular English. But in the trade of pencils, this word doesn’t mean that. A gross is the square of a dozen. With basic math knowledge, we can calculate the exact number that is 144. Another collective noun for pencils is gross.

  1. Even if you but a gross of pencils, you should know the exact cost. That’s a rule.
  2. I bought a gross of pencils two years ago. From that moment I did not buy any of them, that’s the bargain.
  3. The company recommended us to buy the non-pre-sharpened gross of pencils. They could be harmed during transportation.

Bunch of pencils

Like most of the objects in English, the word “bunch” can be used as a group name. From grapes to pencils, it is like a joker of collective nouns. In daily usage, this word goes well like all the words in English literature. At the end of the day, the bunch is a collective noun for pencils.

  1. All I remember from the last night; there was a pineapple in my fridge, I put a bunch of pencils into your closet. That’s all.
  2. The prize for the whole class was a bunch of pencils that there is a lion on it.
  3. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy pizza from there, according to the reports, there were a bunch of pencils in their oven, so unhygienic.

Bundle of pencils

There is a life-saver word in English like the above one. This legendary word goes well with literally every other object like the harmony of peanut butter with jelly. This word is known as “bundle”. Most of the usage with it is correct. Apparently, this word “bundle” could be used with pencils, too.

  1. When we attempt to donate a bundle of pencils to a low-funded school as colleagues, our company HTK Game Labs backed the school, too. It is an honor to work there.
  2. I am sure that I forgot a bundle of pencils in my last apartment. The number of pencils is not important. Those were gifts from my uncle. Now he’s gone, so do pencils.

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