Collective Noun For Whales, Collective Nouns List Whales

Collective Noun For Whales, Collective Nouns List Whales

Collective Noun For Whales

It may make sense to use the right collective noun options to use the English language more professionally and truly impress your audience. In order to get the score you want in the speaking or writing activities you will attend, especially about the animal world, you need to show a rich language use. Collective nouns for animals also contain impressive details that can reveal your vocabulary knowledge. Check out this post, where we’ll take a look at the collective nouns options, and discover the words you can use to describe whales. If you wish, let’s start.

Pod of whales

Whales are animals whose lives differ from many other fish and mammals. Therefore, the number of documentaries, movies, or books about whales is quite high. That’s why it’s very important for you to understand collective nouns for whales. The word pod is a collective noun that you can use to describe whales found together. You can use the pod alone or as a pod of whales in a word group if you wish. Either way, you will have the meaning of a pack of whales. Let’s take a look at the sample sentences!

  1. The pod of whales I saw in the documentary looked so eye-catching that I immediately wanted to be a diver and discover them myself.
  2. Pod of whales has started to appear on the Mediterranean coast much more intensely than before, the reason for this is being studied by scientists.

Herd of whales

In general, you can employ the frequently used word herd for whales when describing wild animals. The herd is even used for wolves or dogs. The word herd, which has been shaped especially within the framework of the instincts of mammals to live together and hunt, would also be appropriate when used for whales.

  1. The herd of the whale looked extremely frightening, while they lived in the ocean I wouldn’t dare to swim.
  2. We thought we saw a herd of whales the other day while watching the ocean in London, but we were actually wrong.

School of whales

Another collective noun option you can hear when talking about whales, in general, is school. You may be a little surprised when you first hear about it. But whales are animals that like to play with humans recently. The areas where whales are tamed and trained are called schools. People who want to swim with whales, especially in holiday areas, can come here and have fun with the whales for a few hours.

  1. Is there a school of whale here? I was waiting for this to take many photos and have a pleasant moment!
  2. The school of whales in Marmaris was closed as a result of the actions of animal rights activists.

Gam of whales

The word gam used especially for whales is an extremely little known collective noun. Gam is another word for the school of whales and is often used in scientific articles or documentaries. Don’t forget to use an audio dictionary to pronounce the word gam properly. Just like other collective nouns, you must use a preposition and a plural form of the word when using the word gam. If you want to use rich English in your writing or speaking activities about whales, we strongly recommend you to use this word. Because this word is really known to very few people. Here are sample sentences:

  1. When Gam of whales came together they created an impressive social space, whales were really clever animals.
  2. I’ve heard of a scientific project investigating the activities of Gam of whales.

Plump of whales

Another word that you can often see in collective nouns for whales lists is known as plump. Plump is a word that can be used for whales that are chunky and slightly heavy. This term, which is generally used for whales with full flesh, is seen as a polite term when used for humans. You can also leave it alone when you use the word plump.

  1. Look at this plump one! I really love whales and their sweet looks, so glad we got here.
  2. The plump of whales looked so cute, I took a picture of them right away.