Essay Connectors in English, Connection Words for Essay

Essay Connectors in English, Connection Words for Essay


Essay Connectors

Did you know that there are many linkers and connectors that will allow you to use the English language more powerfully? Today, we will examine linkers with different meanings and give example sentences established with each linker. In this way, we believe that you can use these linkers much more easily in your essay works.

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When you use these connectors, which will give the meaning of contrast to the sentence, one half of the sentence and the other half should contain contradictory and unexpected statements. Let’s examine it on the example.

  1. In spite of: In spite of studied all night, got a very low score on the exam, and did not pass the class.
  2. Despite: I waited for you all day and I definitely didn’t start eating before you arrived, despite that it was clear that you didn’t care about me.
  3. However: The tourism industry in this country is developing more each year; However, the current policies of the new government have raised concerns about these tourism revenues.
  4. Although: Although these days I feel weak when you called me I got up and got ready and came here.

Reason and Cause

When you use essay connectors indicating the reason and cause in a sentence, two different clauses must be related to each other.

  1. As: I didn’t come with you today, as I had been working hard for my exams for two days and I was tired.
  2. Because of: Because of the paper he saw, he felt unhappy, weak, and depressed all day. I wish I could help him on this topic.
  3. Due to Due to his fight with his wife was not performing enough at work and could not show all his skills.
  4. Since: Since at the end of this year, my overall average is high, I think I will highlight it in internship applications and get what I want.


You can see that purpose connectors are usually used in sentences with an aim theme that contains information about the reason for any action. These have extremely powerful meanings and make your essay richer.

  1. For: Who do you think I did all this for? Of course, I did it all for you!
  2. In order to: When I went to the market today, I stopped by the sandwich shop in order to take something to you.
  3. In order not to: In order not to late this much, I woke up early in the morning and took care of my work while everyone was sleeping.
  4. So that: I worked all day today so that I don’t have to work tomorrow at all.
  5. So as to: When I came to class yesterday, I gave my students the essay exam so as to that I could take two exams next week and complete the grading process in a short time.
  6. So as not to: So as not to fight with my husband, I finished what he said before I got home.


When we are lining up information in a sentence or paragraph or trying to pass an event stream to the reader, we often need to use succession specifiers among the essay connectors. For this, we have the chance to benefit from the following alternatives:

  1. First of all: First of all, all of these things meant something to me, but it wasn’t enough.
  2. The next stage: So, the next stage is ready: From now on, he can finish our project without anyone’s help.
  3. In short: Now you know all of this, in short, you got through your journeyman period and entered the master period.
  4. In conclusion: When you consider all the above information, in conclusion, the basis of scientific knowledge is always experiments.


Paragraphs that indicate result in any subject can usually indicate cause and effect.

  1. As a result of As a result of her beauty, everyone at the prom suddenly fell in love with her.
  2. Therefore: I worked all day today to get your chores done; Therefore, you have no right to be angry with me for coming to this party late.