10 Examples of Determiners in English

10 Examples of Determiners in English


Determiners, Detailed Expression and Examples

Determiners are used in front of nouns to indicate whether you are referring to something specific or something of a particular type.

In this lesson we will examine the Examples of Determiners and Use in a Sentence topic closely. Determiners are words like “a, an, the, that, this, each, some, my, your and every” that come in front of nouns or namespaces and determine in one way.

Even though the most tense minutes are experienced in choosing one of the “the” and “a, an” duo, there are actually a lot of determiners and in this article we will briefly summarize each determiners. If you want to dig deeper, we also recommend that you read articles with plenty of details for some challenging determiners.

Types of Determiners;

Definite Article: The

Fearful dream ‘the’ is not known exactly where it comes from. However, this issue is definitely an easy matter. More topic title gives clues. For example, definite means certain, determined. In other words, we use the word “the” ”under certain, predetermined names.


Indefinite Article: A, An

Although not as much as the ‘a’ and ‘an’ duo are also a problem creating issue. Let us explain the examples of use with examples and not forget: we use “a” if the word starts with a voice and “moment” if it starts with a sound. Of course, let’s not forget that the words change according to the reading.


They are words used to indicate something. That and this are used with singular, those and these plural nouns. This and these represent the relative, that and those represent the remote.


They precede the nouns and are used in undefined expressions.

A / an is used only with countable singular nouns. Those who start with the consonant letter have  “a” tag at the beginning of the word, and nouns that begin with a vowel that will have  ”an” tag at the beginning of the word. A / an is usually used when expressing what an object is. We cannot use countable singular nouns alone.


They come before the determinants. Words such as all, whole, none, half, rather, quite, such are predetermined.

Here are 10 Examples of Determiners in English;

  1. All nations want to be independent.
  2. I saw an accident of a car.
  3. These are cats. (Used when singular and plural.)
  4. Your family is a very happy people.
  5. You have a lot of people on Instagram.
  6. You have two days left to complete that project.
  7. Sorry, I’m too busy, I have other work to do.
  8. That is the best food you have ever had in a long while. (‘the’ is used for superlative.)
  9. What a wonderful city! (It is used for astonishing phrases created with ‘such‘ and ‘what’ patterns.)
  10. Those are fishs over there. (Used when far and plural.)