1000 Modal Verbs Sentences, Can, Could, Might, May, Must, Should, Have to, Ought to, Need

1000 Modal Verbs Sentences, Can, Could, Might, May, Should, Have to, Ought to, Need


Modal Verb CAN Sentences

1. Can I go out?

2. Can I come in?

3. Can I help you?

4. They can dance.

5. Can I buy Lego?


6. Can I come too?

7. Boats can sink.

8. Fishes can swim.

9. Can I quote you?

10. Can you help us?

11. Can I order one?


12. I can not write.

13. Can you find out?

14. We can walk back.

15. Can you stand up?

16. Can you translate?

17. I can verify that.

18. Can you elaborate?

19. Alex can run fast.

20. Can I rely on you?

21. Hey! Can you help?

22. Can you blame them?

23. I can hardly stand.

24. Can I pay via Visa?

25. How can I go there?

26. I can see its eyes.

27. Can we afford this?

28. Can I use your bike?

29. Can I speak to Mary?

30. When I can check-in?

31. We can finish later.

32. I can defend myself.

33. She can drive a car.

34. Alex can explain it.

35. Can you verify that?

36. Can you make me tea?

37. Can anybody hear me?

38. Can we just move on?

39. Where can I buy silk?

40. Can I see that again?

41. Can you clarify that?

42. We can use your help.

43. Can you hold my hand?

44. You can rely on Jack.

45. Can we bear the cost?

46. We can change things.

47. I can use a computer.

48. We can seat you soon.

49. Can you grant wishes?

50. Can I go to the park?

51. Can you stop yelling?

52. Can you ride a horse?

53. Can you speak French?

54. How can I contact you?

55. Can I shake your hand?

56. I think we can go out.

57. Can I sit on your lap?

58. She can sew very well.

59. You can drive my bike.

60. You can rely upon him.

61. Can I go to the board?

62. Can I open the window?

63. Can you remember that?

64. I can testify to that.

65. Can you lend me money?

66. Bears can climb trees.

67. Can we meet somewhere?

68. Girls can be athletic.

69. Can I give you a hand?

70. Can the rumor be true?

71. A man can die but once.

72. Can you make me a copy?

73. Can you make me coffee?

74. You can not smoke here.

75. Can anyone verify that?

76. Hi, how can I help you?

77. Where can I get a taxi?

78. Can you guarantee that?

79. Can I go to the toilet?

80. Can you move your legs?

81. You can say that again.

82. We can talk on the bus.

83. Can you turn on the TV?

84. Can you finish by then?

85. Where can I buy snacks?

86. You can not drive fast.

87. She can play the piano.

88. You can buy everything.

89. We can plead ignorance.

90. Can I catch a taxi here?

91. Can you give me a spoon?

92. Can you help me, please?

93. Can you hand me the pen?

94. Can you untie this knot?

95. Can we afford a new car?

96. Can money buy happiness?

97. You can type, can’t you?

98. Can I eat my lunch here?

99. Can I ask you something?

100. Can you get rid of that?

101. You can always text Alex.

102. Can you lend me 45 cents?

103. You can quote books here.

104. Can you rub my shoulders?

105. Can I help you with this?

106. Can I offer a suggestion?

107. Alcohol can cause cancer.

108. Smoking can cause cancer.

109. No one can separate them.

110. Can you order one for me?

111. How can I ever repay you?

112. Anyone can betray anyone.

113. Can I quote your article?

114. Can you give me a chance?

115. Can we please focus here?

116. Alcohol can cause canser.

117. I can teach you to drive.

118. Can I pull up the blinds?

119. Math can be very complex.

120. Hay can burn very easily.

121. Can I cancel this ticket?

122. Can you count in Spanish?

123. They can raise your rent.

124. He opened a can of worms.

125. Can you be more explicit?

126. Can I borrow your laptop?

127. Can you taste the garlic?

128. You can dance, can’t you?

129. No one can hear you, Alex.

130. I can eat whatever I want.

131. Where can I buy envelopes?

132. Alex can dance quite well.

133. Hello, how can I help you?

134. You’ve seen what I can do.

135. I can deduce nothing else.

136. How can you be so cynical?

137. Can I use your dictionary?

138. Can you describe it to me?

139. How can you be so callous?

140. Can I pulldown the blinds?

141. Can you cash these for me?

142. Can I answer the question?

143. You’ve seen what I can do.

144. You can always text Steve.

145. Can you fix this computer?

146. Can you guess what I have?

147. You can tear the box open.

148. I can reach the top shelf.

149. Can you measure its width?

150. Can you unjam the printer?


Modal Verb COULD Sentences

1. Could I help you?

2. Sam could be a cop.

3. You could be right.

4. Could you sign here?

5. Could you elaborate?

6. Could you just hurry?

7. Could we go home now?

8. Alex could be better.

9. Could I say something?

10. Could I have a tissue?

11. Could I speak to Mary?

12. I could say something.

13. Could I use your desk?

14. How could you leave me?

15. Could I go to the park?

16. I could never hate you.

17. You could have done it.

18. Could you gift wrap it?

19. Could I use your pencil?

20. I feel like I could cry.

21. We could do it together.

22. I could lose my pension.

23. I could lose my license.

24. I could hear everything.

25. Could I borrow your book?

26. Could you help me please?

27. I could call you anytime.

28. Could we get out of here?

29. He could be your partner.

30. Could you spell it please?

31. Could I see the timetable?

32. Could I borrow your phone?

33. We could meet for a drink.

34. I could just refuse to go.

35. Could you hand me the pen?

36. Could you bring my wallet?

37. Could I use your notebook?

38. Alex could hardly breathe.

39. I could use some help here.

40. Could you spell it, please?

41. They could freeze to death.

42. Maybe we could collaborate.

43. You could go out for relax.

44. How could you be so stupid?

45. He could not speak clearly.

46. I wish I could make it work.

47. Could you lend me this book?

48. He could have been a doctor.

49. You could have called first.

50. I could hear Samuel yelling.

51. Could I borrow your notebook?

52. Could you send me a brochure?

53. Could you give me a discount?

54. I could actually be arrested.

55. Could you hand me the pencil?

56. Could you give me an example?

57. Could I have some tea, please?

58. Could you pleasse repeat that?

59. Could I borrow your gray suit?

60. Could you please play a tango?

61. I could help you with Spanish.

62. Could you phone the neighbors?

63. Could I have some more coffee?

64. I guess I could give it a try.

65. I thought I could count on you.

66. Could I take your book, please?

67. Could I ask you some questions?

68. Do you think you could do that?

69. He could see the headlines now.

70. Could you turn the volume down?

71. We could understand each other.

72. I could read between the lines.

73. When I was young, I could swim.

74. It could be noticed in the dark.

75. Could you cancel my reservation?

76. I could order you to go with me.

77. If we don’t help, she could die.

78. Could you please close the door?

79. Samuel could hardly believe him.

80. You could at least buy a hybrid.

81. I always knew this could happen.

82. I could use a little more money.

83. I could smell something burning.

84. I’m sorry but we could get more.

85. I could tell Samuel was relieved.

86. Could I please use your computer?

87. Alex could use the moral support.

88. I could scarcely stand on my feet.

89. Could you wrap them up separately?

90. He could not sign official papers.

91. When I was 6, I could ride a bike.

92. Everybody asked if you could help.

93. Could I see your driver’s license?

94. I could recite the story by heart.

95. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

96. A lot of crime could be prevented.

97. Do you know where else I could try?

98. Few great men could pass personnel.

99. They could use some new good ideas.

100. I could not keep silent any longer.

101. Do you think it could have a virus?

102. Could you rarely water the flowers?

103. Could you please turn down the heat?

104. I brought you here so we could talk.

105. I wish we could repay your kindness.

106. You could sit on my lap if you want.

107. I could not have said it any better.

108. She did everything she could to win.

109. Jessica could not carry out her plan.

110. The boys wish they could go to Paris.

111. I could swim faster when I was young.

112. I could barely contain my excitement.

113. How could you hold down the situation?

114. Could you please give me a quick tour?

115. I feel like I could eat the world raw.

116. I could barely walk when I was a baby.

117. You could hear a pin drop in the room.

118. I never thought it could happen to me.

119. We could not get a job at those times.

120. I could have done it faster by myself.

121. Could you elaborate on your new theory?

122. My friend could always beat her sister.

123. I wish people could be a little humble.

124. Could you please overlook it this time?

125. I wish people could be a little modest.

126. You could hear the blast for kilometers.

127. I could play a guitar when I was a child

128. Do you have a lawn mower I could borrow?

129. She could not get rid of the fear in her.

130. I could not upload the video to the site.

131. The house could accommodate two families.

132. He told me he could fall in love with me.

133. I could play a guitar when I was a child.

134. I could hold out against the new reform.

135. I can’t my key. Where could I have put it?

136. I could not agree with you more my friend.

137. I could not stop myself from crying aloud.

138. It’s so hot outside, you could fry an egg.

139. I just wish I could contribute more money.

140. I’d be very grateful if you could help me.

141. Excuse me, could I just ask you something?

142. He could speak seven languages in thirties.

143. George could hardly breathe after the race.

144. I’d be delighted if you could come with us.

145. Could I get you to update this data for me?

146. Nobody could sleep because she was snoring.

147. I could kick myself for not bringing a map.

148. He could not forsake his friend in trouble.

149. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

150. You searched everywhere you could think of.


Modal Verb MAY Sentences

1. May I go out?

2. You may laugh.

3. May I come in?

4. May I join you?

5. May I help you?

6. May I go to bed?

7. You may swim now.

8. May I smoke here?

9. You may follow me.

10. You may park here.

11. May I take a rest?

12. I may never leave.

13. May I speak to you?

14. How may I help you?

15. May I use this bat?

16. May I pay by check?

17. He may be a genius.

18. You may rely on him.

19. May I go out please?

20. May I speak to Bill?

21. It may rain tonight.

22. May I ask a question?

23. It may rain tomorrow.

24. May I have your name?

25. May I have a receipt?

26. May I do it right now?

27. May I use your toilet?

28. You may take the book.

29. May I sit next to you?

30. May I have some bread?

31. May I borrow your car?

32. He may be sick in bed.

33. We may have a problem.

34. May I close the window?

35. May I borrow your book?

36. May I turn down the TV?

37. I may win if I’m lucky.

38. It may rain any minute.

39. May I have a timetable?

40. May I swim in the lake?

41. You may kiss the bride.

42. May I swim in this lake?

43. May I see your passport?

44. It may take a long time.

45. You may open the window.

46. Excuse me. May I get by?

47. She may spill the beans.

48. May I see the timetable?

49. May I accompany you home?

50. A good marksman may miss.

51. Smoking may cause cancer.

52. May I use your car today?

53. May I eat this hamburger?

54. I may be gone for a while.

55. I may have to fire Samuel.

56. May the force be with you.

57. May I use the shoe polish?

58. We may have made a mistake.

59. May I please open the door?

60. I am ready. May I start it?

61. May I join the class/group?

62. You may now kiss the bride.

63. I think Samuel may be hurt.

64. Caution, the soil may slip!

65. May I visit an art gallery?

66. Students may not wear jeans.

67. May I look at your passport?

68. We may be here several days.

69. May I have the menu, please?

70. May I have another brochure?

71. You may not have noticed yet.

72. May I have your name, please?

73. A stumble may prevent a fall.

74. This device may come in handy.

75. May we drop you at your hotel?

76. May I open / close the window?

77. May I speak to Lussie, please?

78. May all your dreams come true!

79. We may only have a few minutes.

80. An open door may tempt a saint.

81. You may come whenever you like.

82. Frank may have already departed.

83. We may not be able to afford it.

84. A bird may be known by its song.

85. May she come with you to school?

86. May I see your driver’s license?

87. May I trouble you for the pepper?

88. May I see your birth certificate?

89. May I accompany you on your walk?

90. You may swim as long as you want.

91. Men may meet but mountains never.

92. A fair face may hide a foul heart.

93. I’m afraid she may have the mumps.

94. May I see the telephone directory?

95. A foul morn may turn to a fair day.

96. Steve may eat whatever he wants to.

97. I may take you to work if you want.

98. I may be old, however I’m not crazy.

99. The volcano may erupt at any moment.

100. Love will creep where it may not go.

101. May I see your driver’s license, sir?

102. Eating too much may lead to sickness.

103. You may bring a partner to our event.

104. Samuel may have to cancel the picnic.

105. The vote took place on May sixteenth.

106. In the evening one may praise the day.

107. You may sit at the front of the class.

108. You may lose your way in the darkness.

109. We make war that we may live in peace.

110. One may smile, and smile, be a villain.

111. They may have moved here two years ago.

112. Hares may pull dead lions by the beard.

113. Alex and I may not be able to afford it.

114. You may look incredulous, if you please!

115. You may spend a maximum of 2500 dollars.

116. My father may be jogging around the park.

117. Fools may sometimes speak to the purpose.

118. Don’t forget, it may occur at any moment.

119. Oaks may fall when reeds stand the storm.

120. She may see him tomorrow before she leave.

121. I may be old, nevertheless I am not crazy.

122. May you have a long and fruitful marriage.

123. In black ink my love may still shine bright.

124. Alex may be very upset about this situation.

125. Jane may be very upset about this situation.

126. She may have heard everything you just said.

127. This cream may produce a stinging sensation.

128. May night continue to fall upon the orchestra.

129. Do something wonderful, people may imitate it.

130. Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip.

131. Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die.

132. There may be other reasons that we don’t know.

133. Jim thinks Jessica may have an eating disorder.

134. Women may fall when there’s no strength in men.

135. We know what we are but know not what we may be.

136. Even peace may be purchased at too high a price.

137. This problem may be solved in a variety of ways.

138. We know what we are, but know not what we may be.

139. Aim for the moon. If you miss you may hit a star.

140. Steve sneezes quite often. He may have hay fever.

141. Academic fraud may be more common than you think.

142. Hinder me? Thou fool. No living man may hinder me!

143. It may not be easy to get to know reliable people.

144. Get a name to rise early, and you may lie all day.

145. Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.

146. Greed may do your bidding, but death serves no man.

147. You may not believe it, but it is nonetheless true.

148. I may get bad grades in exams, I’m not sure of any.

149. The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

150. You may as well know that I am a strict instructor.


Modal Verb MIGHT Sentences

1. They might come.

2. This might hurt.

3. What might happen?

4. You might get hurt.

5. I might come again.

6. It might rain today.

7. You might get lucky.

8. You might want to go.

9. I might just do that.

10. You might need those.

11. I think it might work.

12. I might buy a new car.

13. It might rain tomorrow.

14. Alex might be in danger.

15. We might make a mistake.

16. I suppose it might work.

17. Might goes before right.

18. I might be back by 16:30.

19. I might call her tonight.

20. We might buy a new house.

21. She might make a surprise.

22. We might go to the cinema.

23. A gun might come in handy.

24. We knew that might happen.

25. We might not study English.

26. I wished I might go abroad.

27. What he said might be true.

28. I think that it might rain.

29. I think it just might work.

30. We might be here all night.

31. You might want to go with us

32. I might be gone for a while.

33. You might try the this cake.

34. I might be able to help you.

35. I might not go to the party.

36. I feel like I might throw up.

37. They might marry this summer.

38. I might have Samuel’s address.

39. No, it might not win the match

40. I might play football tonight.

41. I might be a few minutes late.

42. They might be taller than you.

43. I might see her in the evening.

44. She said that it might be true.

45. You might want to take a break.

46. I hoped you might not leave me.

47. I thought a swim might be nice.

48. Frank might return to football.

49. The meat might be contaminated.

50. I think Samuel might be hungry.

51. You might not see him tomorrow.

52. He might not become an engineer.

53. I’m afraid that I might be late.

54. This phrase might come in handy.

55. I might be able to do something.

56. I might go to Paris on holiday.

57. I might not have told Alex that.

58. I heard you might be in trouble.

59. I’m afraid that I might be late.

60. I might be able to arrange that.

61. I am afraid that I might be late.

62. I figured you might want a drink.

63. I thought I might be of some use.

64. You might want to grab some sleep.

65. I thought a swim might be elegant.

66. You might want to reconsider that.

67. I can’t predict what might happen.

68. I thought it might be significant.

69. I tried to warn this might happen.

70. I thought this might come in handy.

71. If I enter the contest, I might win!

72. It might be safe to travel by train.

73. A mighty cheer burst from the crowd.

74. I wished you might passed the exams.

75. It might rain, but I’m going anyhow.

76. It might rain, but I’m going anyhow.

77. I had hoped we might become friends.

78. We might not need to sign a contract.

79. It might rain, but I am going anyhow.

80. I think my sister might be displeased.

81. You might want to tell that to Samuel.

82. I heard you might be moving to Madrid.

83. If the doctor is inside, might I enter?

84. From little acorns mighty oaks do grow.

85. You might want to steer clear of Frank.

86. You might have hurt him, but you didn’t.

87. Might I read your magazine a little bit?

88. If wishes were horses, beggars might ride.

89. I might possibly go to the theatre tonight

90. He might forgive his father, but he did not.

91. What sort of nation might you want to live in?

92. You might send your gifts for Christmas early.

93. It never occurred to me that I might be fired.

94. They might grow things, but they went bankrupt.

95. Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.

96. If it’s an infection, you might need antibiotics.

97. Had he heard the news, he might have been shocked.

98. Do you know where I might find small cowboy boots?

99. Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.

100. It is never too late to be what you might have been.

101. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

102. It occurred to me that he might be an industrial spy.

103. if we could concur that fear, we just might be strong.

104. The doctor said that I might released when I feel well.

105. ‘Tis best to weigh the enemy more mighty than he seems.

106. My friend Amy might have been forthcoming with the news.

107. They might come to school, but they preferred to travel.

108. Stay away from what might have been and look at what will be.

109. I apologize for anything I might have done. I was not myself.

110. What would men be without women? Scarce, sir…mighty scarce.


Modal Verb NEED Sentences

1. I need you.

2. I needed help.

3. I need a laptop.

4. I need some air.

5. I need some cash.

6. You need therapy.

7. What do you need?

8. I need protection.

9. Alex needed a job.

10. I need a keyboard.

11. I need a new home.

12. You aren’t needed.

13. I need to buy ink.

14. You’re needed here.

15. I need to buy glue.

16. He needs a t-shirt.

17. I need your advice.

18. He needs discipline.

19. I know what we need.

20. You need protection.

21. I need the password.

22. What does Alex need?

23. Alex needs some rest.

24. They need protection.

25. You might need those.

26. I need authorization.

27. I need printer paper.

28. Do you need anything?

29. We need to cut costs.

30. I need to send a fax.

31. All I need is backup.

32. Alex needs our input.

33. I need help with this.

34. I don’t need advisers.

35. We need a new printer.

36. They needed more time.

37. I need sleeping pills.

38. He needed new clothes.

39. We need to buy powder.

40. Samuel needs to relax.

41. We need a sharp knife.

42. I need sunburn lotion.

43. I really need someone.

44. I need some fresh air.

45. We need authorization.

46. I need a new home now.

47. I need to be with you.

48. I need some good news.

49. I need time to prepare.

50. I need some assistance.

51. I need a chapter break.

52. We need a large garden.

53. All children need care.

54. I need a digital clock.

55. We will need more food.

56. Steve needed some cash.

57. The printer needs paper.

58. We need to build a fire.

59. I don’t need much money.

60. I need more information.

61. Do you really need that?

62. I really need your help.

63. Steve needed protection.

64. I don’t need it anymore.

65. There’s no need to rush.

66. He needs help right now.

67. I don’t need protection.

68. I need to rest a moment.

69. Now we need a new carpet.

70. We need something to eat.

71. My car needs a brake job.

72. Liars need good memories.

73. I desperately need a car.

74. I really need their help.

75. I just needed directions.

76. The man needs protection.

77. They need some direction.

78. Do you need an ambulance?

79. We need a signed receipt.

80. I need some writing paper.

81. He does not need help now.

82. We need to clean the barn.

83. I need a bigger challenge.

84. You won’t be needing that.

85. He needed a drink of milk.

86. It doesn’t need much milk.

87. I need a kilogram of salt.

88. You don’t need to wrap it.

89. You don’t need me anymore.

90. I need a leather briefcase.

91. Steve needs financial help.

92. All we need is a new venue.

93. These shoes need polishing.

94. We need to review the case.

95. I need to lose some weight.

96. How much glass will I need?

97. The soup needs more garlic.

98. I need to go get my laptop.

99. Do you need a wake-up call?

100. I need a little more space.

101. Do I need to pay in advance?

102. Frank needs some elbow room.

103. They’re on pins and needles.

104. I need to talk to an expert.

105. Like a needle in a haystack.

106. Steve needs some assistance.

107. To do so, you need to log in.

108. Our band needs a keyboardist.

109. What size helmet do you need?

110. I don’t need your protection.

111. You need to protect yourself.

112. I need to let out this skirt.

113. Strong leadership was needed.

114. I don’t need glasses anymore.

115. How much oil does Paris need?

116. Need makes the old wife trot.

117. I need to call my supervisor.

118. I need to hire an accountant.

119. I need paper for the printer.

120. You need to take these pills.

121. We need to get a blood sample.

122. I think, she needs discipline.

123. I need a sample of your blood.

124. Did you need a laundry basket?

125. We need to do a good analysis.

126. Steve needs a male role model.

127. Don’t forget, Alex needs more.

128. We need accommodation for six.

129. He needs to find a new agency.

130. I think I need some fresh air.

131. We need to collect the leaves.

132. I need $300 to rent the house.

133. I need a room for four nights.

134. Why do we need backing storage?

135. My son needs to clean his room.

136. We need to change your bandage.

137. The house is in need of repair.

138. After that you need a computer.

139. I need some money to buy a car.

140. The school needed disinfecting.

141. Equipment needs to be prepared.



Modal Verb HAVE TO Sentences

1. I have to go now.

2. I have to go back.

3. I have to know now.

4. I have to dress up.

5. You have to choose.

6. We have to stay calm.

7. We have to leave now.

8. We’ll have to risk it.

9. You have to stay awake.

10. I have to get up early.

11. I have to dismiss John.

12. I have to work tomorrow.

13. You have to be flexible.

14. We have to use scissors.

15. Does he have to do that?

16. You don’t have to hurry.

17. You don’t have to hurry.

18. I have to take medicine.

19. You don’t have to beg me.

20. You have to go to school.

21. We have to start at once.

22. What did you have to eat?

23. Why do I have to do that?

24. You have to come with me.

25. I have to do my homework.

26. I have to drive this car.

27. How much do I have to pay?

28. We have to arrive on time.

29. I may have to fire Samuel.

30. You have to be vaccinated.

31. I am going to have to run.

32. You have to wake up early.

33. I’ll hit Tom if I have to.

34. You have to pay in advance.

35. I have to go to the doctor.

36. You have to dress yourself.

37. You have to study yourself.

38. I have to go to the dentist.

39. You have to train every day.

40. I have to say goodnight now.

41. I have to unpack my luggage.

42. I have to finish this first.

43. I have to deny that request.

44. You don’t have to apologize.

45. We have to help poor people.

46. We have to transfer schools.

47. We have to park the car here.

48. I have to say that I’m sorry.

49. They have to clean the house.

50. I have to set a good example.

51. Today I have to review French.

52. I have to tighten these bolts.

53. We have to undo what was done.

54. Do we have to write this down?

55. You have to pay for utilities.

56. We have to do this on our own.

57. They have to repair their car.

58. I’ll have to buy new curtains.

59. We don’t have to get up early.

60. You have to blast your way out.

61. You know you have to cooperate.

62. You have to reset the odometer.

63. I have to do this before class.

64. You don’t have to talk so loud.

65. You don’t have to pay the bill.

66. I still have to go to the bank.

67. You have to reset the computer.

68. Samuel didn’t have to rub it in.

69. I might not have told Alex that.

70. You have to believe in yourself.

71. I do not have to wash the dishes.

72. You have to use your imagination.

73. We don’t have to clean the house.

74. I have to go to a diction course.

75. I have to pull over for a minute.

76. I have to have a house like that!

77. We’ll have to separate the wires.

78. We have to move to a large house.

79. You have to swim in shallow seas.

80. You have to wear uniform in class.

81. You have to be here at 12 o’clock.

82. I have to cancel your application.

83. Jessica didn’t have to yell at me.

84. I’m going to have to pass on that.

85. We have to postpone our departure.

86. I have tons of books at the office.

87. You have to adapt to circumstances.

88. To fly, we have to have resistance.

89. You should have told me in advance.

90. We have to be good to win the race.

91. I’ll have to confiscate your knife.

92. You don’t have to explain anything.

93. We have to count all of the ballots.

94. That’s the problem we have to solve.

95. I know we have to go to their house.

96. Do you have Tommy Wonder’s new album?

97. You have to catch up on your reading.

98. You have today to finish your report.

99. Samuel may have to cancel the picnic.

100. We have to get Frank to a specialist.

101. How many topics do you have to study?

102. We have to work hard for agriculture.

103. All you have to do is add the letters.

104. Steve didn’t have to say it so rudely.

105. We have to clean the house every week.

106. We have to do something on this topic.

107. I have to use Spanish all day at work.

108. I have to assign more men to that work.

109. I have to buy a new battery for my car.

110. You don’t have to cancel your vacation.

111. You have to work hard to be successful.

112. I have to reduce my expenses this year.

113. Sounds tempting, but I’II have to pass.

114. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you.

115. You have to look at the cumulative work.

116. We have to wake up early in the morning.

117. We have to submit an essay by Wednesday.


1. Alex has to hustle.

2. It has to be destroyed.

3. He has to see the doctor.

4. My son has to work this week.

5. The battery has to be charged.

6. The measurement has to be exact.

7. The girl has to match me in skill.

8. He has to be treated at the hospital.

9. It has to give us an inclusive answer.

10. The dentist has to take out this tooth.

11. Each member has to pay a membership fee.

12. Technology has to be invented or adopted.

13. Jessica has to find the key before evening.

14. He has to be a good businessman in companies.

15. He has to win the race to get the prize money.

16. My brother has to drink milk before going to bed.

17. Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.

18. She knows she has to make a very difficult decision.

19. Now he has to live alone. This will not be easy for him.


Modal Verb SHOULD Sentences

1. Should I leave?

2. You should study.

3. You should eat salad.

4. We should leave soon.

5. His shoulders slumped.

6. Why should you be sad?

7. We should leave early.

8. You should’ve told me.

9. Should I buy a hybrid?

10. We should take a walk.

11. Why should I tell you?

12. Why should I hire you?

13. We should have a drink.

14. I should clean my room.

15. You should know better.

16. Which one should I get?

17. I should’ve called you.

18. You should swim weekly.

19. Steve should talk less.

20. I think we should wait.

21. I have broad shoulders.

22. Where should I transfer?

23. I think Tom should stay.

24. We should hang out more.

25. Alex should be here soon.

26. Can you rub my shoulders?

27. Users should be informed.

28. I guess I should be going

29. You should’ve trusted me.

30. I think you shouldn’t go.

31. You should run for mayor.

32. We should stick together.

33. You shouldn’t drive fast.

34. I should’ve gone hunting.

35. I should give this to you.

36. You shouldn’t be so timid.

37. I should have anticipated.

38. I should congratulate you.

39. I shouldn’t have slept in.

40. What music should we play?

41. You should eat sour foods.

42. I reckon you should do it.

43. We should have no trouble.

44. You shouldn’t have smoked.

45. He shrugged his shoulders.

46. Should I call or email you?

47. You should to walk to work.

48. You should‘ve had some pie.

49. Shouldn’t we say something?

50. I should have left earlier.

51. I should’ve kissed Jessica.

52. You should save some money.

53. I shouldn’t have said that.

54. The rule should be revised.

55. You should be more patient.

56. You shouldn’t make mistakes.

57. He said I shouldn’t be here.

58. You should read the footers.

59. You should do more exercise.

60. We should hang out sometime.

61. You shouldn’t blame yourself.

62. Jim should consult an expert.

63. You should obey your parents.

64. You should avoid salty foods.

65. You should quit that job now.

66. Men should be what they seem.

67. Maybe I should rephrase that.

68. They should move on from here.

69. I should‘ve introduced myself.

70. I think you should be careful.

71. We should help pregnant women.

72. Samuel shouldn’t be so greedy.

73. You should apply for that job.

74. I shouldn’t have trusted Steve.

75. Alex tapped me on the shoulder.

76. Whale hunting should be banned.

77. I should‘ve been more thorough.

78. If he calls you, you should go.

79. This shouldn’t be Mark’s house.

80. Children should obey authority.

81. You should go take it from him.

82. These papers should not be used.

83. We should talk out our problems.

84. We should have departed earlier.

85. You should ask her out sometime.

86. You shouldn’t chew gum in class.

87. I should‘ve reacted differently.

88. I shouldn’ve worm short sleeves.

89. You should‘ve brushed your teeth.

90. Is there something I should know?

91. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

92. You should follow Alex’s example.

93. You should trim your fingernails.

94. You should try to be more polite.

95. Doctors say we should eat garlic.

96. We should try and get some sleep.

97. Education should be our priority.

98. You should’ve brushed your teeth.

99. You should’ve started without me.

100. Everything should be done neatly.

101. I think we should stick together.

102. You shouldn’t eat anything spicy.

103. You should take care of yourself.

104. You should follow Alex’s example.

105. I think you should stop this now.

106. 6.If he calls you, you should go.

107. George tapped me on the shoulder.

108. I shouldn’t have sent that email.

109. I should‘ve trained Samuel myself.

110. We should observe the speed limit.

111. He rested his hand on my shoulder.

112. You should get rid of these weeds.

113. Who should look after the elderly?

114. Steve should have married Jessica.

115. I should never have said anything.

116. I think we should wait for her now.

117. Frank should have been here by now.

118. You should have told me in advance.

119. You should not go take it from him.

120. You should take care of yourselves.

121. I guess it shouldn’t really matter.

122. She looks sick. She should go home.

123. You should carry out your promises.

124. Children should obey their parents.

125. Maybe I shouldn’t be so suspicious.

126. We should move to a safer location.

127. What should I do if my wife snores?

128. You should have spoken more kindly.

129. I feel a dull ache in the shoulder.

130. We should abolish the death penalty.

131. She shrugged another plump shoulder.

132. I think you should lose some weight.

133. Shouldn’t you be cleaning the attic?

134. The man just shrugged his shoulders.

135. I think, you should ask your father.

136. A ticket to Paris should cost a lot.

137. They should have breakfast together.

138. I think this book should be revised.


Modal Verb MUST Sentences

1. I must go.

2. I must go home.

3. I must protest.

4. You must comply.

5. They must speak.

6. You must return.

7. It must be true.

8. We must withdraw.

9. I must warn them.

10. I must stay here.

11. We must sit down.

12. It must be there.

13. They must be cops.

14. You must let me in.

15. That must be awful.

16. You must stop here.

17. It must be snowing.

18. I must do some work.

19. 14.It must be there.

20. You must stay awake.

21. That must be Samuel.

22. They must pay taxes.

23. You must keep quiet.

24. It must be 2 o’clock.

25. You must not come in.

26. They must be worried.

27. You must be starving.

28. You must be new here.

29. You must be mistaken.

30. He must be on his way.

31. I must repay my debts.

32. I must get some sleep.

33. What must be, must be.

34. I must study tomorrow.

35. He must be over fifty.

36. You must do your best.

37. We must be leaving now.

38. You must eat something.

39. She must be an English.

40. 4.You must be mistaken.

41. We must get up at dawn.

42. Samuel grew a mustache.

43. There must be a chance.

44. Alex must get up early.

45. Frank must be studying.

46. This must be the place.

47. We must alter our plan.

48. I must’ve misplaced it.

49. That must‘ve been hard.

50. You must make a choice.

51. You must eat your food.

52. I must study next week.

53. He must be drinking tea.

54. The car must be driving.

55. We must have been crazy!

56. 13.You must not come in.

57. They must start at once.

58. They must study English.

59. We must help each other.

60. She must not disturb me.

61. It must be hard for you.

62. She must be watching TV.

63. You must pay your taxes.

64. They must not lose hope.

65. You must drive carefully.

66. Every member must attend.

67. I must do this right now!

68. 15.I must study tomorrow.

69. 19.He must be over fifty.

70. Must you make that noise?

71. I must go to bed earlier.

72. I must be losing my mind.

73. I must say I’m flattered.

74. We must repair the damage.

75. You must swallow the pill.

76. That must have been awful.

77. We must observe the rules.

78. I must be imagining things.

79. You must be less impatient.

80. They must follow the rules.

81. I must return the book now.

82. One must observe the rules.

83. You must’ve seen something.

84. Alex must be riding a bike.

85. I must’ve lost some weight.

86. Steve must have made it up.

87. 16.She must not disturb me.

88. 18.Must you make that noise?

89. We must be leaving tomorrow.

90. We must clean our classroom.

91. We must carry out that plan.

92. We must be alert to dangers.

93. We must protect the forests.

94. You must apply for that job.

95. We must strive to do better.

96. Alex must’ve put up a fight.

97. It must have cost a fortune.

98. I must report this to Steve.

99. They must leave immediately.

100. It must’ve been someone else.

101. My mom must be making a cake.

102. We must destroy the evidence.

103. We must fasten our seatbelts.

104. 2.I must’ve lost some weight.

105. You must keep your room tidy.

106. We must reduce energy demand.

107. You must pay what you owe us.

108. We must allow for some delay.

109. You must observe those rules.

110. We must be missing something.

111. It is clear what must be done.

112. We all know how you must feel.

113. 12.You must’ve seen something.

114. 5.Alex must’ve put up a fight.

115. It is seven. It must be seven.

116. I must speak to you privately.

117. You must keep your room clean.

118. Samuel must be reading a book.

119. You must have been practicing.