50 Daily Use English Sentences, Example Sentences

50 Daily Use English Sentences, Example Sentences


There are some stereotypes that are used in daily life, at work, at school, in the hospital and many more. If we are just learning English, learning these stereotypes will add fluency to us when we live in English-speaking countries, speaking English in daily life.

Some sentences used in English appear quite often and are very simple to use.  Usually all of them are in a form of pattern and knowing them well helps us to be better at speaking a language in daily life. Learning these common sentence and question patterns helps us with other people, in messaging or using e-mail. When we learn these common sentence and question patterns, we can establish a more comfortable dialogue.

Here are 50 Daily Use English Sentences;

1. No, I don’t want

2. See you


3. See you next time

4. So I do

5. So so

6. Allow me

7. Any day will do

8. Be calm


9. Be careful!

10. Be quiet!

11. Cheer up!

12. Come on

13. Don’t be ridicolus

14. Don’t be so childish

15. Don’t move!

16. Don’t worry

17. Enjoy yourself

18. Are you done?

19. Can I ask you something?

20. Can you please repeat that?

21. Did you get it?

22.Do you need anything?

23. How are you?

24. Follow me

25. God bless you

26. It’s very thoughtful of you

27. It’s up to you

28. It’s none of you business

29. Stop making such a noice

30. You are going too fast

31. Come with me

32. Good afternoon

33. Good morning

34. Good night

35. Have a good trip

36. Have a good weekend

37. I admire you

38. I apologize

39. I can’t wait

40. I don’t have time

41. I am busy.

42. I am tired.

43. I don’t agree.

44. You are wasting my time.

45. I feel much better.

46. They like each other.

47. I’m sorry.

48. I’m good.

49. It doesn’t matter.

50. Let’s catch up!