50 Modal Verb Might Sentences Examples, Might Sentences Examples, Sentences with Might

50 Modal Verb Might Sentences Examples, Might Sentences Examples, Sentences with Might


1. This might hurt.

2. They might come.

3. What might happen?

4. You might get hurt.

5. I might come again.


6. You might get lucky.

7. It might rain today.

8. You might need those.

9. You might want to go.

10. I might just do that.

11. I think it might work.


12. I might buy a new car.

13. It might rain tomorrow.

14. Alex might be in danger.

15. We might make a mistake.

16. Might goes before right.

17. I suppose it might work.

18. I might be back by 16:30.

19. We might buy a new house.

20. I might call her tonight.

21. A gun might come in handy.

22. She might make a surprise.

23. We might go to the cinema.

24. We knew that might happen.

25. We might not study English.

26. I think it just might work.

27. What he said might be true.

28. I think that it might rain.

29. I wished I might go abroad.

30. We might be here all night.

31. I might not go to the party.

32. I might be gone for a while.

33. You might try the this cake.

34. I might be able to help you.

35. You might want to go with us

36. I feel like I might throw up.

37. They might marry this summer.

38. I might play football tonight.

39. No, it might not win the match

40. I might be a few minutes late.

41. I might have Samuel’s address.

42. They might be taller than you.

43. I think Samuel might be hungry.

44. You might not see him tomorrow.

45. I thought a swim might be nice.

46. You might want to take a break.

47. Frank might return to football.

48. The meat might be contaminated.

49. She said that it might be true.

50. I hoped you might not leave me.

51. I might see her in the evening.