Sentences with Actor, Actor in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Actor

Sentences with Actor, Actor in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Actor


1. He became a famous actor.

2. Who’s your favorite actor?

3. A talent agency represents actors.

4. I can be in 20 movies. But I’ll never be an actor.

5. I was enthusiastic about cinema thus I wanted to be an actor.


6. Suddenly we find that we are no longer the actors, but the spectators of the play.

7. Four men received nominations for best actor in a leading role for portraying real people.

8. I was 3 when I told my mom that I knew what my dharma was and that I wanted to be an actor.

9. I had done some flimflam movies, but I didn’t understand what being an actor meant anymore.

10. Every writer is a frustrated actor who recites his lines in the hidden auditorium of his skull.

11. The stage lost a fine actor, even as science lost an acute reasoner, when became a specialist in crime.


12. I know as an actor there is a certain liberation auditioning for a role that has no beauty requirements.

13. I was sick and tired of being an English actor who did a lot of American movies because I was cheap and good.

14. My hero is Michelle Williams, who I grew close to when we did ‘Meek’s Cutoff.’ She’s an extraordinary actor and mom.

15. I go to the movies a lot, and I regret when I see some actor that I used to like, to find them offering no more surprises.

16. I like actors that are good with pantomime and that can transmit a lot by their presence and attitude more than through their dialogue.

17. I’m only wanted by directors for the image I give off, and it makes me angry. I always wanted to be an actor and not a beauty pageant winner.

18. It’s not like I sit around watching my movies again and again, but I’ve never quite believed actors when they say they don’t watch themselves.

19. So, one way or another, I found myself in a few movies. I take it seriously when I’m on the set, but I don’t take myself seriously as an actor.

20. Well, you know what? The actor still gets up in the morning, if he’s still got something to work with, you go out there and you do it. Never quit!

21. Knowing who the actors were as you were designing them helped, with Catherine’s beauty and Renee’s frailty, they directed me visually just by who they were.

22. I like the idea of movies having a magic element. How many times have you seen an actor in a movie who you know only as the character? It’s wonderful, isn’t it?