Sentences with All, All in a Sentence in English, Sentences For All

Sentences with All, All in a Sentence in English, Sentences For All


1. Is all good?

2. They all died.

3. They all cried.

4. Are we all here?

5. You’re all I see.


6. They all cheered.

7. He dug all night.

8. We made it all up.

9. We’re all at risk.

10. We all missed Alex.

11. I’m all alone here.


12. We worked all night.

13. We’re all impressed.

14. He snored all night.

15. Let it all hang out.

16. All covet, all lose.

17. The gang is all here.

18. They were all scared.

19. Death pays all debts.

20. Time cures all things.

21. I don’t study all day.

22. It’s all been written.

23. I’m sure we all agree.

24. I like all my classes.

25. Are you all right now?

26. It’s all that matters.

27. They’re all pros here.

28. We all have our flaws.

29. We’re doing all we can.

30. They are all irritable.

31. I read all the reviews.

32. He ignored her all day.

33. My sister slept all day.

34. The pleasure’s all mine.

35. They were all concerned.

36. Do all things with love.

37. We’ve all been laid off.

38. They were all brilliant.

39. Keep it all in sequence?

40. I loaned S all my money.

41. Those pens are all mine.

42. Those cars are all alike.

43. We all have our off days.

44. Their cattle are all fat.

45. Alex lay awake all night.

46. It’s all about technique.

47. This is all a conspiracy.

48. They stayed up all night.

49. This spoils all my plans.

50. It’s all about the money.

51. Wishing you all the best!

52. That’s all it takes often.

53. I swear that’s all I want.

54. He watched movies all day.

55. That’s all it takes often.

56. He confessed all his sins.

57. Not all birds build nests.

58. He seems to be all thumbs.

59. I opened all my suitcases.

60. I worked all day yesterday.

61. Everything is all arranged.

62. They all bust out laughing.

63. John was working all night.

64. We lost all of our funding.

65. We might be here all night.

66. Why go to all that trouble?

67. They all envied my new car.

68. Why go to all this trouble?

69. Good clothes open all doors.

70. No man is wise at all times.

71. They fled in all directions.

72. Can’t we all just get along?

73. Chickens ate all the apples.

74. He will do all these things.

75. George has all but given up.

76. We all had such a good time.

77. On all the peaks lies peace.

78. I disposed of all the books.

79. They crushed all resistance.

80. Samuel spoiled all my plans.

81. No living man all things can.

82. He slept all night yesterday.

83. We all looked out the window.

84. That’s all we can do for now.

85. They all posed for a picture.

86. Culture makes all men gentle.

87. Are you all set for the trip?

88. Change in all things is sweet.

89. Are all the passengers aboard?

90. We all want prices to decline.

91. He had spent all his treasure.

92. May all your dreams come true!

93. We all know how you must feel.

94. I bought all of these for you.

95. They sat at the beach all day.

96. I’ve got it all under control.

97. My companions were all asleep.

98. That’s all it takes sometimes.

99. Where does all this come from?

100. I’ve got it all under control.

101. He that is warm thinks all so.

102. My message is all about peace.

103. Observe all men, thyself most.

104. Consequently, we are all here.

105. I read all your text messages.

106. He lost all his money gambling.

107. Don’t get all tied up in knots.

108. They lost all of their funding.

109. They all applauded his success.

110. These plants are all poisonous.

111. The news spread all over Spain.

112. He denied all that he had done.

113. I’m fed up with all their lies.

114. Wherever you are – be all there.