Sentences with Arrive, Arrive in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Arrive

Sentences with Arrive, Arrive in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Arrive


1. He will have arrived.

2. Eighty chairs arrived.

3. Alex arrived too early.

4. Fourteen chairs arrived.

5. They arrived separately.


6. Hasn’t Mary arrived yet?

7. When will Samuel arrive?

8. They arrived at twilight.

9. Has the post arrived yet?

10. I arrived seven days ago.

11. We have to arrive on time.


12. My luggage has just arrived.

13. Has your brother arrived yet?

14. She arrived within 10 minutes.

15. I will have arrived in London.

16. Steve arrived after I had left.

17. Our bus arrived a little early.

18. Will they have arrived by 9 pm?

19. He arrived after the bell rang.

20. They will not have arrived there.

21. The villagers arrived separately.

22. They must arrive here by tomorrow.

23. Alex and Mary haven’t arrived yet.

24. Samuel is due to arrive here soon.

25. Pam will have arrived home by then.

26. George arrived in the nick of time.

27. She waited for the train to arrive.

28. I was eating lunch when you arrived.

29. I slept after I arrived at my house.

30. Don’t worry, they have just arrived.

31. A luxury liner arrived in the harbor.

32. Did an ambulance arrive at the scene?

33. When we arrived he was having a bath.

34. John arrived last week, in March 2020.

35. Students began to arrive at the school.

36. Too swift arrives as tardy as too slow.

37. After the film had started, we arrived.

38. They arrived late because of the storm.

39. We arrived at the office in the morning.

40. My luggage didn’t arrive. What happened?

41. The cargo ship arrived four hours early.

42. They were drinking coffee when I arrived.

43. 105.Please arrive at the meeting on time.

44. I will have arrived at your office by now.

45. When she arrived, the bus had already left.

46. It is better to travel well than to arrive.

47. They contrived to arrive in time after all.

48. In all probability, we’ll arrive before them.

49. I will be playing games when he arrives today.

50. Will you be sitting in the park when I arrive?

51. I will be watching TV when she arrives tonight.

52. More immigrants began to arrive in the country.

53. Will we have arrived in China by the next week?

54. When you arrive, I will be sitting in the park.

55. I will be waiting for you when your bus arrives.

56. Buyers will arrive at the hotels as of tomorrow.

57. In all probability, we’ll arrive before they do.