Sentences with Ate, Ate in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Ate

Sentences with Ate, Ate in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Ate


1. They ate calmly.

2. You ate my cake.

3. Who ate the jams?

4. He ate anxiously.

5. He ate breakfast.


6. He ate reluctantly.

7. The bird ate the food.

8. The cat ate the mouse.

9. My father’s dog ate it.

10. The children ate candy.

11. We ate pizza last week.


12. Alex ate a quick lunch.

13. He ate the pink candies.

14. Alex ate an early supper.

15. I ate lunch two hours ago.

16. We ate some delicious food.

17. They ate their food calmly.

18. I ate butter for breakfast.

19. The acid ate into the metal.

20. Chickens ate all the apples.

21. Alex ate a box of chocolates.

22. They ate some delicious food.

23. The cat quickly ate the food.

24. The boy bit the pear and ate it.

25. Samuel ate a handful of raisins.

26. We ate fresh fruit after dinner.

27. Steve ate a piece of garlic bread.

28. We ate 2 apples with my girlfriend.

29. We ate pizza yesterday with friends.

30. I ate too much ice cream on holiday.

31. We ate pizza at 8 o’clock yesterday.

32. He ate neither fruit nor vegetables.

33. If you ate less, you would be weaker.

34. I ate fried rice and drank some beer.

35. Alex accidentally ate some rat poison.

36. Frank ate only three carrots for lunch.

37. They ate all the chocolate chip cookies.

38. He took a piece of chocolate and ate it.

39. Samuel accidentally ate some rat poison.

40. My son ate his dinner and went to the park.

41. Pam ate a piece of the cake that her mother baked.

42. She ate a lot of sour fruits when she was pregnant.

43. If I ate that, I don’t know if I could keep it down.

44. The boy took the pears from the basket and ate them.

45. We are still very hungry, even though we ate very much .