Sentences with Be, Be in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Be

Sentences with Be, Be in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Be


1. Don’t be crude.

2. It’ll be tricky.

3. It must be true.

4. It’ll be better.

5. It must be there.


6. I used to be cool.

7. That would be fun.

8. They must be cops.

9. To be or not to be.

10. I’ll be right down.

11. It’ll be hilarious.


12. Boys, be ambitious.

13. That must be awful.

14. You could be right.

15. I used to be a cop.

16. Don’t be so unkind.

17. We’ll be right out.

18. You won’t be fired.

19. Strive to be happy.

20. That would be hard.

21. Sam could be a cop.

22. Would that be wise?

23. This can’t be good.

24. He may be a genius.

25. It must be snowing.

26. I’ll be right down.

27. That must be Samuel.

28. We’ll be right down.

29. That would be gross.

30. Don’t be disgusting.

31. 140.Please be quiet.

32. 14.It must be there.

33. You’d be good at it.

34. Wheat will be flour.

35. You must be starving.

36. You must be new here.

37. It must be 2 o’clock.

38. It won’t be long now.

39. He shall be punished.

40. Don’t be such a fool!

41. We want to be strong.

42. I’ll be in the attic.

43. You must be mistaken.

44. Lunch would be great.

45. You will be thinking.

46. I will be loving you.

47. They must be worried.

48. Alex could be better.

49. Frank will be furious.

50. Girls can be athletic.

51. Don’t be so defensive.

52. He must be on his way.

53. Why should you be sad?

54. I like to be thorough.

55. He may be sick in bed.

56. Don’t be so impatient.

57. Can the rumor be true?

58. Love cannot be forced.

59. Wouldn’t that be neat?

60. Boldness be my friend.

61. It would be confusing.

62. He will be there soon.

63. I wish to be a doctor.

64. Will you be loving me?

65. He must be over fifty.

66. I need to be with you.

67. She seemed to be idle.

68. That wouldn’t be wise.

69. It’s going to be great.

70. I want to be a dentist.

71. Steve will be arrested.

72. We must be leaving now.

73. Tom can’t be relied on.

74. That would be relevant.

75. This must be the place.

76. Frank must be studying.

77. There must be a chance.

78. I promise I’ll be back.

79. It will be spring soon.

80. Why would I be nervous?

81. That would be unlikely.

82. 4.You must be mistaken.

83. She must be an English.

84. We’re going to be fine.

85. All men can’t be first.

86. Let bygones be bygones.

87. You will be successful.

88. It has to be destroyed.

89. The car must be driving.

90. It must be hard for you.

91. Will she be watching TV?

92. He wanted to be an ally.

93. He must be drinking tea.

94. Our climb will be steep.

95. Alex might be in danger.

96. She will be watching TV.

97. You have to be flexible.

98. He wanted to be a miner.

99. I want to be a cool mom.

100. I’ll be happy to comply.

101. She must be watching TV.

102. I used to be a engineer.

103. I must be losing my mind.

104. Users should be informed.

105. I’ll be back after lunch.

106. I might be back by 16:30.

107. 19.He must be over fifty.

108. I won’t be free tomorrow.

109. Let us be elegant or die!

110. I guess I should be going

111. Please be kind to others.

112. I will be sixteen in May.

113. I will not be loving you.

114. I’ll be able to show you.

115. He’s likely to be chosen.

116. I am thrilled to be here.

117. Math can be very complex.

118. We won’t be unreasonable.

119. All men can’t be masters.

120. I want to be an educator.

121. I’ll be happy to explain.

122. Alex should be here soon.

123. He could be your partner.

124. Can you be more explicit?

125. I won’t be free tomorrow.

126. You won’t be needing that.

127. How can you be so cynical?

128. You shouldn’t be so timid.

129. We’re going to be rescued.

130. Frank will be bored stiff.

131. I promise you’ll be happy.

132. She wants to be a dentist.

133. How can you be so callous?

134. I don’t want to be chosen.

135. Promise me you’ll be good.

136. You are going to be great!

137. I can’t be a part of this.

138. How can you be so passive?

139. Did he want to be a miner?

140. Promise me you’ll be good.

141. Their climb will be steep.

142. It’s wonderful to be here.

143. He knew you’d be thrilled.

144. I want to be in the arena.

145. I don’t want to be chosen.

146. He seems to be all thumbs.

147. I don’t like to be pushed.

148. Steve tried to be neutral.

149. You have to be vaccinated.

150. He can’t be an honest man.

151. We will be watching movie.

152. I will be waiting for you.

153. We deserve to be rewarded.

154. I promise you’ll be happy.

155. I want to be a loving mom.

156. I may be gone for a while.

157. It’s good to be back home.

158. Don’t be strategic or coy.

159. May the force be with you.

160. How will she be travelling?

161. That would be unreasonable.

162. You should be more patient.

163. You must be less impatient.

164. I don’t like to be touched.

165. That will not be permitted.

166. To be wise behind the hand.

167. I will be a doctor in July.

168. We elected him to be mayor.

169. Do as you would be done by.

170. What he said might be true.