Sentences with Been, Been in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Been

Sentences with Been, Been in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Been


1. You’ve been had.

2. A has been bitten.

3. I’ve been briefed.

4. This has been fun.

5. I’ve been laid off.


6. I’ve been laid off.

7. I’ve been drinking.

8. I’ve been depressed.

9. I’ve been dismissed.

10. You’ve been infected.

11. You’ve been convicted.


12. It’s all been written.

13. Who hasn’t been there?

14. I have been to London.

15. It’s been a long week.

16. The die has been cast.

17. That must’ve been hard.

18. Alex has been poisoned.

19. Frank has been detained.

20. Frank has been captured.

21. He has not been walking.

22. We must have been crazy!

23. We’ve all been laid off.

24. She has never been here.

25. I’ve never been fishing.

26. We’ve been unsuccessful.

27. Order has been restored.

28. My watch has been stolen.

29. He hasn’t been here long.

30. We’ve never been happier.

31. She has not been walking.

32. Why had he been so angry?

33. Samuel has been generous.

34. Have you been hearing me?

35. I haven’t been successful.

36. That must have been awful.

37. You have not been writing.

38. I’ve been hiding out here.

39. This winter has been mild.

40. What have you been eating?

41. There has been an accident.

42. I’ve been wandering around.

43. His mobile has been stolen.

44. I have never been to Texas.

45. It hasn’t been decided yet.

46. Had he been reading a book?

47. Has Alex ever been married?

48. I’ve been married too long.

49. I’ve never been here before.

50. I’ve been in trouble before.

51. He could have been a doctor.

52. How long’s Samuel been here?

53. All files have been deleted.

54. That would’ve been hilarious.

55. Have you ever been to Mexico?

56. It must’ve been someone else.

57. Some people have been unkind.

58. I have been to China 4 times.

59. George has been very generous.

60. Have you ever been to America?

61. You must have been practicing.

62. He will not have been waiting.

63. I haven’t been playing tennis.

64. Have you ever been to the zoo?

65. This file has been compressed.

66. Who have they been talking to?

67. I’ve been through a lot lately.

68. The accounts have been audited.

69. She has been reading this book.

70. I have been to Madrid recently.

71. I should’ve been more thorough.

72. The timetable has been revised.

73. I know you’ve been avoiding me.

74. He had not been reading a book.

75. He has not been yelling at her.

76. Have you been friends for a long

77. I have been working for 3 hours.

78. They will not have been reading.

79. When have you been cooking food?

80. It’s been ages since we last met.

81. It has been raining since Friday.

82. The old man has been transferred.

83. Ouch!! I’ve been stung by a bee!!

84. This building has been condemned.

85. She had been sounding very weird.

86. Transportation has been arranged.

87. I’ve been shopping with Anderson.

88. I have been in Madrid 2 years ago.

89. Do you know has Alex been injured?

90. My life has been one big audition.

91. My son has been sick since Monday.

92. Frank has been to Paris only once.

93. We’ve been ordered to investigate.

94. I’ve always been wary of marriage.

95. What do you think I’ve been doing?

96. How long have you been seeing his?

97. She has been here since 5 O’clock.

98. I have been studying for the exam.

99. Today’s meeting has been canceled.

100. I have been studying for two hours.

101. You’ve been cleared of all charges.

102. Have you ever been on a helicopter?

103. It has been raining since Thursday.

104. You’ve been cleared of all charges.

105. Have you been to this place before?

106. They’ve been talking all afternoon.

107. Perhaps the train has been delayed.

108. I’ve been going over Steve’s chart.

109. Frank should have been here by now.

110. Don’t forget, you’ve been selected.

111. Has they been playing since morning?

112. I’ve been told that I behaved badly.

113. Have you ever been on a cruise ship?

114. Have you been keeping track of sales?

115. How long have you been playing chess?

116. He had not been coming when you came.

117. The child has not been wearing a hat.