Sentences with Breakfast, Breakfast in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Breakfast

Sentences with Breakfast, Breakfast in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Breakfast


1. He ate breakfast.

2. I had my breakfast.

3. Did he eat breakfast?

4. I was having breakfast.

5. I’m ready for breakfast.


6. I ate butter for breakfast.

7. She had a nicely breakfast.

8. I occasionally have breakfast.

9. I would rather have breakfast.

10. I must prepare their breakfast.

11. We’ve already had our breakfast.


12. I don’t eat cheese at breakfast.

13. I have breakfast in the morning.

14. What does he cook for breakfast?

15. I usually have breakfast at 7:30.

16. What will you drink at breakfast?

17. I usually have a light breakfast.

18. Before school, Jane eats breakfast.

19. Do you want to go out for breakfast?

20. They should have breakfast together.

21. She loves to have breakfast at home.

22. I have breakfast at half past seven.

23. We had breakfast early in the morning.

24. 2.She loves to have breakfast at home.

25. He did not make a waffle for breakfast.

26. What time do you usually eat breakfast?

27. What time do you usually have breakfast?

28. My dad likes to eat cheese for breakfast.

29. We are going to breakfast. Would you come?

30. My dad enjoys to eat cheese for breakfast.

31. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper.

32. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast.

33. Tom usually takes a shower before breakfast.

34. A nod from a lord is a breakfast for a fool.

35. Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.

36. My grandfather usually eats breakfast at six.

37. A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast.

38. She especially loves to have breakfast at home.

39. They serve a continental breakfast in this hotel.

40. I don’t leave the house without having breakfast.

41. She particularly loves to have breakfast at home.

42. I’II prepare breakfast while you’re having a shower.

43. If you laugh before breakfast you’ll cry before supper.

44. We are going to breakfast. Would you come? Yes, I would.

45. I will have prepared breakfast by the time the children wake up.

46. Bagel in the morning is the ultimate breakfast for me they’re just good.

47. They don’t have enough time. They can either have breakfast or have a shower.

48. My mother will not have prepared breakfast by the time my father and brother wake up.

49. What I don’t like is breakfast in the morning. I have a double-espresso cappuccino, but no food.

50. We had our breakfasts–whatever happens in a house, robbery or murder, it doesn’t matter, you must have your breakfast.

51. The work is with me when I wake up in the morning it is with me while I eat my breakfast in bed and run through the newspaper, while I shave and bathe and dress.

52. The episodes all blend together for me, so I don’t remember. I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I always feel I must be such a disappointment to them.