Sentences with Brother, Brother in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Brother

Sentences with Brother, Brother in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Brother


1. They are brothers.

2. This is my brother.

3. My brother is lazy.

4. I have a twin brother.

5. My brother is adorable.


6. My brother shook my hand.

7. My brother keeps secrets.

8. My brother opened the lid.

9. My brother skipped a grade.

10. My brother held his breath.

11. He looks like your brother.


12. My brother asked a question.

13. Has your brother arrived yet?

14. Both these boys are brothers.

15. My brother swam in the river.

16. I stole this from my brother.

17. My brother’s dog barks a lot.

18. You remind me of your brother.

19. Which of them is your brother?

20. My brother worked really hard.

21. My brother burst out laughing.

22. My brother fell from the tree.

23. My brother skips school often.

24. He’s not as old as my brother.

25. I know your brother very well.

26. My brother sat down beside me.

27. Samuel is Mary’s twin brother.

28. My brother landed a big trout.

29. My brother threw his back out.

30. My brother takes out the trash.

31. 60.My brother didn’t come home.

32. My brother fled when he saw me.

33. My brother is not sleeping now.

34. My brother quit without notice.

35. My brother married a local girl.

36. My brother carried out his plan.

37. My brother is downloading games.

38. My brother often makes mistakes.

39. I had a quarrel with my brother.

40. My brother leads the soccer team.

41. Is your brother a ski instructor?

42. My brother and I haven’t met yet.

43. My brother is selling his candle.

44. I bought a present for my brother.

45. My brother focused on his studies.

46. My brother stayed at a nice hotel.

47. My brother is surprisingly strong.

48. I’m often compared to my brothers.

49. My brother is cruel and heartless.

50. Alec was full of brotherly concern.

51. Is my brother bold enough to fight?

52. My brother got married 2 years ago.

53. My brother hurts himself every day.

54. My brother has driven a car before.

55. Is my brother brave enough to fight?

56. Everyone mistakes me for my brother.

57. My mother is taller than my brother.

58. I get along with my younger brother.

59. My brother was too shocked to speak.

60. My brother took an oral examination.

61. My brother doesn’t always wear a hat.

62. Frank shared a room with his brother.

63. He is identical to his older brother.

64. I know your older brother quite well.

65. My brother is unpacking his suitcase.

66. Markus’s brother looks like Brad Pitt.

67. Samuel can ski as well as his brother.

68. My brother hit a fly into right field.

69. My brother gave me a penetrating gaze.

70. My brother stuck to the original plan.

71. My brother climbed down from the tree.

72. My brother grew up in a little village.

73. My brother is acting on his own behalf.

74. I persuaded my brother to study harder.

75. My brother proposed to the young woman.

76. These two brothers resemble each other.

77. My brothers haven’t ever gone to Spain.

78. Does Smith have any brothers or sisters?

79. My brother ripped a button off his coat.

80. My baby brother should be asleep by now.

81. His brother works for a trading company.

82. Does Clark have any brothers or sisters?

83. My brother used to be your boss, did he?

84. My brother sought shelter from the rain.

85. My brother is very particular about food.

86. Has your brother finished decorating yet?

87. My brother was starting to feel desperate.

88. My brother earns three times more than me.

89. My brother stood leaning against the fence.

90. My brother was educated at a public school.

91. My brother tends to get upset over nothing.

92. My brother played a minor part in the play.

93. My brother taught Jessica how to bake bread.

94. My brother appears to be strong and healthy.

95. My brother banged his head on a tree branch.

96. My brother takes care of the baby every day.

97. He always threw the failures to his brother.

98. 119.Does Smith have any brothers or sisters?

99. My brother had to make a difficult decision.

100. Alex and his brother are completely opposite.

101. My brother vaguely remembers meeting Jessica.

102. My brother snored loudly with his mouth open.

103. The boy has less money than his brother does.

104. My brother’s behavior was anything but polite.

105. My brother was not about to admit his mistake.