Sentences with Cop, Cop in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Cop

Sentences with Cop, Cop in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Cop


1. They’re cops.

2. Call the cops.

3. Are they cops?

4. Are you a cop?

5. I’m not a cop.


6. We’re not cops.

7. Frank is a cop.

8. A cop was killed.

9. I don’t like cops.

10. They must be cops.

11. I called the cops.


12. Sameul isn’t a cop.

13. Sam could be a cop.

14. How will they cope?

15. I used to be a cop.

16. You look like a cop.

17. Steve was a good cop.

18. Alex called the cops.

19. I’m calling the cops.

20. I hate cops like him.

21. I can’t go to the cops.

22. Can you make me a copy?

23. Can we get copies of this?

24. The cops know who Alex is.

25. The cops searched our car.

26. The cops searched his car.

27. Can we get copies of these?

28. Will you let her copy this?

29. She can’t cope with stress.

30. Please don’t call the cops.

31. Give me a copy of this book.

32. Please don’t copy my answers.

33. These pots are made of copper.

34. My father was a very good cop.

35. This copy is full of mistakes.

36. Don’t tell George you’re a cop.

37. Jim can cope with the problems.

38. This book is still copyrighted.

39. We no longer use copper cables.

40. She is unable to cope with stress.

41. Pam is unable to cope with stress.

42. That copy differs from the original.

43. I faxed Alex a copy of the contract.