Sentences with Did, Did in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Did

Sentences with Did, Did in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Did


1. I did it!

2. Did you cook?

3. Did you get it?

4. Did you call me?

5. Did you like it?


6. What did you say?

7. I think I did OK.

8. Did Alex protest?

9. Did the bell run?

10. What did we miss?

11. Did Alex bite you?


12. Mary did her best.

13. What did you sing?

14. What did Alex mean?

15. Did you poison Jim?

16. What did you order?

17. Did Alex have a gun?

18. Did you read it all?

19. Did I forget anyone?

20. You did a great job!

21. Did I win something?

22. Why did you dump me?

23. Why did you pick me?

24. Did you have dreams?

25. Did you take a bath?

26. He did the opposite.

27. Did you eat an apple?

28. I’d say you did well.

29. Did Alex purchase it?

30. Did you get my point?

31. What did she look up?

32. Did you take his pen?

33. Did he eat breakfast?

34. Did you kiss Jessica?

35. Did he learn spanish?

36. Did we hit something?

37. Did you phone Samuel?

38. How much did you bid?

39. Where did you get it?

40. Did you buy me these?

41. Did you get your wish?

42. Did you get the check?

43. How did you get these?

44. Why did you stop then?

45. Did you feed the dogs?

46. What did you major in?

47. Did dad buy a new car?

48. Where did Samuel work?

49. Did you use my camera?

50. Did you buy this book?

51. Did you hear the news?

52. Did you buy a computer?

53. How fast did you speak!

54. How did your speech go?

55. Why did no one warn me?

56. Did you enjoy the game?

57. Did you take the money?

58. Did you take my fruits?

59. Did you give the order?

60. How did you go bankrupt?

61. When did the exam start?

62. Did you clean your room?

63. What did the boy decide?

64. Did you take your pills?

65. How did Samuel find out?

66. Did they hear correctly?

67. How much did he pay you?

68. Steve did as instructed.

69. Samuel did as instructed.

70. Did I hurt your feelings?

71. What did you have to eat?

72. They did not clap for us.

73. Did you watch this movie?

74. Did you do your homework?

75. Did you sew this by hand?

76. Did you collect them all?

77. I really did learn a lot.

78. Why did you quit your job?

79. What did Samuel look like?

80. Which direction did he go?

81. Did I just see you litter?

82. What did I ever do to you?

83. Why did you give her that?

84. Did you tape that concert?

85. Why did you come so early?

86. Did he want to be a miner?

87. When did you get divorced?

88. Did you wash the teaspoons?

89. Did you call the ambulance?

90. Maybe he did it on purpose.

91. When did you seed the lawn?

92. Whom did you see yesterday?

93. Wow! Did you buy a new car?

94. I am sorry. I did not hear.

95. Did you question my father?

96. Did you watched this movie?

97. Mary did not win the match.

98. How much did your hat cost?

99. How did you find my garden?

100. Did you go to the book fair?

101. Whose book did you bring me?

102. Did you carry out your plan?

103. Did you do this on your own?

104. What Alex did was hilarious.

105. Did he ask you to spy on me?

106. Did we make a cake for you ?

107. How many worms did you find?

108. What time did you come home?

109. How many pills did you take?

110. Did your father go to Japan?

111. Steve did it in his own way.

112. Did they go to museum by bus?

113. How long did you wait for us?

114. Did we put salt on the fries?

115. Why did you disobey my order?

116. Umit did not accept my offer.

117. Wow! Did you get married too?

118. How many erasers did you buy?

119. You certainly did well today.

120. Why did you give yourself up?

121. Why did you say such a thing?

122. How much money did you spend?

123. Where did you get the recipe?

124. Did you grow up near a beach?

125. Did you pay the entrance fee?

126. Do you know? When did they go?

127. I know that you did your best.

128. Did the teacher give homework?

129. Where did you buy these boots?

130. Did you accomplish your goals?

131. Did he go to school yesterday?

132. Did you have dinner yesterday?

133. How did you solve the problem?

134. Did you see anyone suspicious?

135. Did you need a laundry basket?

136. How many museums did you visit?

137. Did you hear about the lawsuit?

138. Did it snow in Paris this year?

139. How did you get to the stadium?

140. He did not take notes in class.