Sentences with Does, Does in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Does

Sentences with Does, Does in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Does


1. It doesn’t matter

2. Does she know you?

3. Does Alex know yet?

4. Does she work here?

5. Does your dog bite?


6. Alex doesn’t smile.

7. Does it taste good?

8. What does Angela do?

9. What does it matter?

10. How Does Solar Work?

11. Does he play tennis?


12. What does Alex need?

13. Who doesn’t think so?

14. Michael doesn’t work.

15. Does he go to school?

16. Dog does not eat dog.

17. He does sports daily.

18. Does she drink coffee?

19. That dog doesn’t bite.

20. How much does it cost?

21. He doesn’t teach math.

22. Talk doesn’t cook rice.

23. How much does it cost ?

24. Does she live in Paris?

25. Does he write an email?

26. It doesn’t seem to fit.

27. Does he have to do that?

28. Where does he come from?

29. Does she live in London?

30. Samuel doesn’t trust us.

31. Does milk spoil quickly?

32. Does Jack play football?

33. This piece doesn’t match.

34. She does not play tennis.

35. Doesn’t Mary look pretty?

36. Where does it leave from?

37. What does your father do?

38. Doesn’t Steve like girls?

39. Where does this piece go?

40. Barking does seldom bite.

41. Does Alex have gray hair?

42. He doesn’t work anywhere.

43. It doesn’t matter, right?

44. Does the room have a bath?

45. It doesn’t get any easier.

46. Good counsel does no harm.

47. He does not need help now.

48. It doesn’t need much milk.

49. He does his homework well.

50. Wow, he doesn’t know much!

51. Does anybody have a match?

52. Alex doesn’t want to move.

53. Alex does weight training.

54. It just doesn’t seem fair.

55. This doesn’t look too bad.

56. Samuel doesn’t belong here.

57. She doesn’t shave her legs.

58. She doesn’t use a computer.

59. Steve doesn’t like carrots.

60. It doesn’t sound like much.

61. It doesn’t sound like much.

62. Does she want many dresses?

63. Does coffee grow in Brazil?

64. My cell phone doesn’t work.

65. Why doesn’t Frank help you?

66. When does your plane depart?

67. What does availability mean?

68. Success doesn’t come easily.

69. John does not write an essay

70. What does he do on off days?

71. Alex doesn’t share his food.

72. Steve doesn’t want to leave.

73. She doesn’t teach chemistry.

74. Frank doesn’t look deterred.

75. Does this cap belong to you?

76. Doesn’t that make you happy?

77. How soon does the show begin?

78. How much oil does Paris need?

79. My daughter does the laundry.

80. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

81. My father does seem innocent.

82. That doesn’t fit the pattern.

83. My head doesn’t ache anymore.

84. She clearly does not mean it.

85. This does not make any sense.

86. Alex doesn’t like modern art.

87. Cheese doesn’t digest easily.

88. What time does the class end?

89. Doesn’t that bolt seem loose?

90. What time does boarding begin?

91. Money doesn’t talk, it swears.

92. Does the Sun circle the Earth?

93. When does Rita usually get up?

94. Does that mean I’m in trouble?

95. What does this reminds you of?

96. How much does this knife cost?

97. 69.Samuel doesn’t play soccer.

98. My father doesn’t fit in here.

99. Where does all this come from?

100. No man fails who does his best.

101. How does this application work?

102. Smoking does damage your lungs.

103. Frank doesn’t like controversy.

104. She doesn’t visit much anymore.

105. When does class begin tomorrow?

106. Handsome is that handsome does.

107. He doesn’t allow interruptions.