Sentences with Each and Every, Each and Every in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Each and Every

Sentences with Each and Every, Each and Every in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Each and Every

1. Do we know each other?

2. We consoled each other.

3. We must help each other.

4. We both like each other.

5. They smiled at each other.

6. They nodded to each other.

7. We’re married to each other.

8. They tied each other tightly.

9. We could understand each other.

10. Peace is our gift to each other.

11. The fare is one dollar each way.

12. Let’s be honest with each other.

13. They’re talking with each other.

14. They were criticizing each other.

15. When can we see each other again?

16. Frank and Mary gaze at each other.

17. We enjoyed talking with each other.

18. Measure each angle of the triangle.

19. How many cruises are there each day?

20. You guys love each other, don’t you?

21. We lived in harmony with each other.

22. They both hugged each other tightly.

23. The monkeys are grooming each other.

24. Do you like going to school each day?

25. We have corresponded with each other.

26. Dude, let’s be honest with each other.

27. They lived in harmony with each other.

28. Love and friendship exclude each other.

29. She will give presents to each student.

30. These two brothers resemble each other.

31. When do they usually talk to each other?

32. They just need to complement each other.

33. They threatened and denounced each other.

34. You’re perfect complements to each other.

35. They will be writing letter to each other.

36. You have to wake up a virgin each morning.

37. Will they be writing letter to each other?

38. Oil and water won’t blend with each other.

39. Alex and Mary nodded to each other kindly.

40. We competed with each other for the prize.

41. They wrote letters to each other frequently.

42. Biodiversity continues to decline each year.

43. I and my sister don’t see each other anymore.

44. The two houses stand alongside of each other.

45. The passengers began to argue with each other.

46. They will not be writing letter to each other.

47. Sarah and Alex do not love each other anymore.

48. Steve and Jessica nodded to each other politely.

49. Steve and Jessica were disgusted with each other.

50. I like to wake up each morning feeling a new man.

51. That way we’d know who is sponsoring each of them.

52. The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

53. Frank and Jessica looked at each other and shrugged.

54. Whereas links two ideas that contrast with each other.

55. All the students in the class were helping each other.

56. The major events in each trimester are described below.


1. We cook every day.

2. I run every weekend.

3. I buy bread every day.

4. I shave every morning.

5. We see them every week.

6. I would swim every day.

7. I go to work every day.

8. He studies every night.

9. I play tennis every day.

10. She swims every morning.

11. They watch TV every day.

12. He goes to gym every day.

13. I came to you every time.

14. He was every inch a king.

15. He comes here every week.

16. Lift every voice and sing.

17. They attend every meeting.

18. I walk to school every day.

19. Do you shave every morning?

20. He gets up early every day.

21. He reads a novel every day.

22. He eats an apple every day.

23. I brush my teeth every day.

24. I go to Italy every summer.

25. She protects you every day.

26. I catch the flu every year.

27. Frank chops wood every day.

28. You have to train every day.

29. Peter plays games every day.

30. I take a shower every night.

31. I can’t visit you every day.

32. I drink coffee every morning.

33. There are lees to every wine.

34. I will phone you every night.

35. I play baseball every Sunday.

36. We play tennis every morning.

37. We drink coffee every morning.

38. I’m free every day but Monday.

39. He goes to football every day.

40. They draw pictures every week.

41. She eats noodles every Sunday.

42. Do you drive to work every day?

43. I brush my teeth every morning.

44. You go to holiday every summer.

45. I run four miles every morning.

46. My sister showers every morning.

47. My son wants milk every morning.

48. I shower every night before bed.

49. We go to a gallery every Sunday.

50. My father goes to gym every day.

51. It usually rains every day here.

52. She doesn’t see Peter every day.

53. Brad plays video games every day.

54. I take a break every three hours.

55. He catches the bus every morning.

56. 28.I don’t play tennis every day.

57. We listen to music every evening.

58. We go to the circus every summer.

59. Jessica crochets lace every night.

60. He does not goes to gym every day.

61. She loves to read books every day.

62. Do they clip the sheep every year?

63. My sister reads a novel every day.

64. We play chess with her every week.

65. I love every second of being a mom.

66. Alex went to the movies every week.

67. He catches the train every morning.

68. My brother hurts himself every day.

69. My mother cooks dinner every night.

70. Mary swept every room in the house.

71. I go to a cooking class every week.

72. They go to a gallery every Saturday.