Sentences with Every, Every in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Every

Sentences with Every, Every in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Every


1. We cook every day.

2. I run every weekend.

3. I buy bread every day.

4. I shave every morning.

5. I go to work every day.


6. We see them every week.

7. He studies every night.

8. I would swim every day.

9. I play tennis every day.

10. She swims every morning.

11. They watch TV every day.


12. I came to you every time.

13. He was every inch a king.

14. He goes to gym every day.

15. He comes here every week.

16. They attend every meeting.

17. Lift every voice and sing.

18. Frank chops wood every day.

19. Do you shave every morning?

20. He eats an apple every day.

21. He reads a novel every day.

22. He gets up early every day.

23. She protects you every day.

24. I go to Italy every summer.

25. I brush my teeth every day.

26. I walk to school every day.

27. I catch the flu every year.

28. I take a shower every night.

29. Peter plays games every day.

30. I can’t visit you every day.

31. You have to train every day.

32. There are lees to every wine.

33. I drink coffee every morning.

34. I will phone you every night.

35. We play tennis every morning.

36. I play baseball every Sunday.

37. I’m free every day but Monday.

38. She eats noodles every Sunday.

39. We drink coffee every morning.

40. They draw pictures every week.

41. He goes to football every day.

42. I run four miles every morning.

43. You go to holiday every summer.

44. I brush my teeth every morning.

45. Do you drive to work every day?

46. My son wants milk every morning.

47. My father goes to gym every day.

48. It usually rains every day here.

49. We go to a gallery every Sunday.

50. I shower every night before bed.

51. My sister showers every morning.

52. She doesn’t see Peter every day.

53. Brad plays video games every day.

54. He catches the bus every morning.

55. We listen to music every evening.

56. I take a break every three hours.

57. We go to the circus every summer.

58. 28.I don’t play tennis every day.

59. My sister reads a novel every day.

60. She loves to read books every day.

61. Do they clip the sheep every year?

62. Jessica crochets lace every night.

63. We play chess with her every week.

64. He does not goes to gym every day.

65. Alex went to the movies every week.

66. Mary swept every room in the house.

67. I go to a cooking class every week.

68. He catches the train every morning.

69. I love every second of being a mom.

70. My mother cooks dinner every night.

71. My brother hurts himself every day.

72. He used to get massages every month.

73. In every beginning think of the end.

74. I keep fit by jogging every morning.