Sentences with Extreme, Extreme in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Extreme

Sentences with Extreme, Extreme in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Extreme


1. Extremes meet.

2. Don’t go to extremes.

3. Steve is in extreme pain.

4. This is extremely awkward.

5. Alex felt extremely guilty.


6. Frank has adapted extremely well.

7. His ideas are too extreme for me.

8. Nevertheless, I’m extremely proud.

9. Alex’s job creates extreme stress.

10. Alex’s job creates extreme stress.

11. It is an extremely unlucky number.


12. Kevin’s job creates extreme stress.

13. His way of thinking is a bit extreme.

14. Their equipment is extremely advanced.

15. They’re having extreme money problems.

16. My sister is extremely happy with this man.

17. Exercise is extremely beneficial to health.

18. Steve is extremely pessimistic and has no aspirations.

19. Albatross is an extremely wild but determined wild bird.

20. Recently announced data are undoubtedly extremely inaccurate.

21. The extreme limit of wisdom, that’s what the public calls madness.

22. It would be extremely helpful for testing the workouts you are doing.

23. This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence.

24. The litter of dogs looks extremely cute, I want to take pictures of them.

25. The man will definitely get the job done extremely quickly, so rest assured.

26. I was not a good-lookin’ girl. I was extremely skinny. I wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t cool.

27. Every time I use my microwave oven, my Wi-Fi stops working, it’s extremely irritating.

28. In fact, infants are animals that are extremely intelligent and have large sharp teeth.

29. Although this scouting gig sounded like a financial hit, it made Nonie extremely nervous.

30. Anyone who has ever struggled with poverty knows how extremely expensive it is to be poor.

31. Talking to a drunk person was like talking to an extremely happy, severely brain-damaged three-year-old.

32. The Universe is very, very big. It also loves a paradox. For example, it has some extremely strict rules.

33. You undoubtedly need to take notes while reading this book, otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to understand.

34. That will do extremely well, child. You have delighted us long enough. Let the other young ladies have time to exhibit.

35. In a morbid condition, dreams are often distinguished by their remarkably graphic, vivid, and extremely lifelike quality.

36. Hatred is like fire. It burns the one who harnesses it. It’s also extremely hard to see more helpful truths through its flames.

37. ‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.

38. Teachers in schools that did not limit the extremes with the cluster classroom have expressed frustration at the required range of instruction.

39. Somebody who only reads newspapers and at best books of contemporary authors looks to me like an extremely near-sighted person who scorns eyeglasses.

40. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.

41. The seasons are extreme, but they pass and return, pass and return, and the world seems far steadier than it does from the vantage point of a coastal city.

42. I’m extremely blessed to have the extraordinary mother that I have, and I don’t mean Diana Ross, I mean the mother. My mom paved a road that didn’t exist, as did Oprah.

43. I think it’s a very firm part of human nature that if you surround yourself with like-minded people, you’ll end up thinking more extreme versions of what you thought before.

44. Suddenly a single shot on the extreme left rang out on the clear morning air, followed quickly by several others, and the whole line pushed rapidly forward through the brush.

45. Schizophrenia may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions, and extremely disordered thinking and behavior that impairs daily functioning, and can be disabling.

46. It is not easy to see how the more extreme forms of nationalism can long survive when men have seen the Earth in its true perspective as a single small globe against the stars.

47. I think of myself as a fairly attractive girl and always have, thanks to my mom. I was brought into this world thinking I was gorgeous because my mother was extremely devoted to this notion.

48. My mom and father are extremely proud. They love it when I don’t die. I’ve done so many movies where I’ve died that their first question when I book a job is, ‘So, are you going to die in this?’

49. Over the years my mother’s steadfast faith in God has inspired me, particularly when I had to perform extremely difficult surgical procedures or when I found myself faced with my own medical scare.