Sentences with Fashion, Fashion in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Fashion

Sentences with Fashion, Fashion in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Fashion

1. The fashionable substitute for Belief.

2. Music is part of the life of fashion, too.

3. We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

4. She follows all the latest trends in fashion.

5. Fashion designers are breaking with tradition.

6. Fashion fosters cliches of beauty, but I want to tear them apart.

7. We at Chrysler borrow money the old-fashioned way. We pay it back.

8. It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable.

9. I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty.

10. They will allow him to be in his workshop to fashion worlds and make stars.

11. An appreciation for high fashion does not preclude possession of common sense.

12. My mom won’t let me buy high-fashion stuff unless it’s TK Maxx or a birthday occasion.

13. Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.

14. I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.

15. I really like to be able to have variety and to try different things – that’s the beauty of fashion.

16. You don’t learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.

17. I’m old-fashioned and think that reading books is the most glorious pastime that humankind has yet devised.

18. Women thrive on novelty and are easy meat for the commerce of fashion. Men prefer old pipes and torn jackets.

19. Most women are dissatisfied with their appearance – it’s the stuff that fuels the beauty and fashion industries.

20. I’m not anti-fashion, but I’ve always had a bit of a punk attitude. That’s important, I think. I do my own thing.

21. We outgrow love like other things and put it in a drawer, till it an antique fashion shows like costumes grandsires wore.

22. We preach Christ and him crucified in a different fashion, and to all gainsayers we reply, “We have not so learned Christ.

23. I always had an interest in fashion because my mom is a celebrity fashion stylist. I grew up being on set or in showrooms.

24. Every night I cuddle with a blob of unbaked clay I fashioned in the shape of a woman. But that’s what being in love is all about.