Sentences with Father, Father in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Father

Sentences with Father, Father in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Father


1. My father is tall.

2. My father spoils me.

3. What is your father?

4. your father is tall.

5. Father got laid off.


6. Where is your father?

7. My father didn’t show.

8. My father likes Steve.

9. My father didn’t show.

10. Like father, like son.

11. My father gazed at me.


12. My father writes books.

13. The father looks angry.

14. My father’s dog ate it.

15. How old is your father?

16. My father lost the bet.

17. My father saw the news.

18. I’m proud of my father.

19. I am helping my father.

20. My father’s shoe stinks.

21. My father is despondent.

22. Is your father a doctor?

23. I’m as tall as my father.

24. My father seems stressed.

25. Is your father a teacher?

26. My father is in recovery.

27. Don’t fall asleep father.

28. What does your father do?

29. My father stood up again.

30. My father had to withdraw.

31. My father is annoying Pam.

32. My father is a bank clerk.

33. He adores his grandfather.

34. Go and sit by your father.

35. I am as tall as my father.

36. My father is the defendant.

37. My father got a little pie.

38. My father is in his office.

39. Did you question my father?

40. My father burst into tears.

41. My father spoke impolitely.

42. My father is becoming gray.

43. I gave my father a silk tie.

44. My father’s pulse is normal.

45. My father bought a tiny pen.

46. Samuel resembles his father.

47. My father was a good miller.

48. My father is a quiet person.

49. I met my father at the cafe.

50. My father lost 30 kilograms.

51. Did your father go to Japan?

52. My father manages the store.

53. My father lowered his rifle.

54. My father accepted her gift.

55. I sleep less than my father.

56. My father switched on the TV.

57. My father tidied up his room.

58. My father works in a company.

59. Are you proud of your father?

60. My father‘s hobby is fishing.

61. My father does seem innocent.

62. That reminds me of my father.

63. My father bought a new house.

64. My father was frozen to death.

65. My father is eating lunch now.

66. His father disapproved of him.

67. My father was a very good cop.

68. Frank sat on his father‘s lap.

69. My father works in the circus.

70. My father doesn’t fit in here.

71. My father‘s idea is practical.

72. My father turned round to work.

73. He called his father anxiously.

74. My father’s suitcase is broken.

75. I glanced at my father‘s letter.

76. My father likes salad very much.

77. My father wants to stick around.

78. I saw her scolded by her father.

79. My father bought a new blue car.

80. My father danced with my mother.

81. My father goes to gym every day.

82. My father is not happy about it.

83. Samuel is a very excited father.

84. My father repacked his suitcase.

85. My father typed in the password.

86. My father had taught me swimming.

87. My father wants to buy a new car.

88. My father is a good car mechanic.

89. She knitted her father a sweater.

90. My father always washes the cars.

91. My father doesn’t approve of her.

92. His father is a very good person.

93. My father sat up late last night.

94. My father speaks relatively fast.

95. My father wants to buy his house.

96. My father is dancing with my mom.

97. My father is a principled worker.

98. My father swims better than I do.

99. My father is improving in health.

100. He somewhat resembles his father.

101. My grandfather was a former miner?

102. My father can barely speak French.

103. My father is now traveling abroad.

104. First of all my father came to us.

105. My father used to be conservative.

106. My father is a good administrator.

107. My father wants to buy a new Arab.

108. My father is a very strong person.

109. Alex closely resembles his father.

110. I wish I was going with my father.

111. Alex reminds me of my grandfather.

112. His father hugged his son tightly.

113. My father never was sophisticated.

114. My father has a strong personality.

115. I apologized to my father for that.

116. Steve reminds me of my grandfather.

117. The story reminded me of my father.

118. I think Frank is a terrible father.

119. My father will come to us tomorrow.

120. My father is a law-abiding citizen.

121. My father is counting on your help.

122. The girl is clinging to her father.

123. My father must have bought the car.

124. When he was young, his father died.

125. My father is trying to fix the car.

126. My father reluctantly went to work.

127. My father wants to buy their house.

128. I think it’s my father‘s motorcycle.

129. I love playing chess with my father.

130. My father went to university abroad.

131. My father is a very stubborn person.

132. I think, you should ask your father.