Sentences with Future Tense, Future Tense in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Future Tense

Sentences with Future Tense, Future Tense in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Future Tense


1. Will it hurt?

2. Time will tell.

3. I will testify.

4. When will we go?

5. Murder will out.


6. Will you help me?

7. I will come here.

8. I will make a tea.

9. Will you help them?

10. How will they cope?

11. Will you have come?


12. Alex will find out.

13. I will hit the sack.

14. Much will have more.

15. Wheat will be flour.

16. When will you reach?

17. He will not call us.

18. I will not help you.

19. We will cook dinner.

20. I will not love you.

21. Will you come to us?

22. The sun will rise at

23. Will my mother cook?

24. He will have arrived.

25. Dad will cook for us.

26. I will see you later.

27. I will be loving you.

28. Will you wait for me?

29. I will come with you.

30. Will she do it again?

31. Mark will fix my car.

32. Alex will fix my car.

33. I will pass the exam.

34. You will be thinking.

35. They will turn round.

36. Will we have decided?

37. I will accompany you.

38. Frank will be furious.

39. Will it clear up soon?

40. He will not drink tea.

41. Will you take a check?

42. You will win the exam.

43. Will buy a bigger car.

44. I will ask a question.

45. Will you be loving me?

46. We will soon take off.

47. You will come with me.

48. Alex will forgive you.

49. I will call you later.

50. He will be there soon.

51. Will it rain tomorrow?

52. I will catch you soon.

53. Accidents will happen.

54. I will fly to Germany.

55. Help me out, will you?

56. I will never meet him.

57. You will be successful.

58. Steve will be arrested.

59. Who will try this case?

60. We will need more food.

61. We will have met Julie.

62. I will not do this job.

63. I know Alex will agree.

64. Will you have listened?

65. We will ride our bikes.

66. The sun will rise soon.

67. Alex will confirm that.

68. They will win the game.

69. No herb will cure love.

70. It will be spring soon.

71. We will not have come.

72. Will you come to school?

73. I will never talk to you

74. I will miss you so much.

75. We will play basketball.

76. Our climb will be steep.

77. They will buy a new car.

78. We will go to the party.

79. Will she be watching TV?

80. When will we meet again?

81. Will you crack the nuts?

82. I will join a golf club.

83. I will take it from you.

84. She will be watching TV.

85. We will buy a new house.

86. Who will host the party?

87. They will agree on that.

88. Oil will float on water.

89. When will Samuel arrive?

90. We will see better days.

91. This knot will not hold.

92. I will help in December.

93. Will you cut your nails?

94. When will we study again?

95. Alas, it will rain again!

96. Steve will adapt quickly.

97. She will fail eventually.

98. Will you come home today?

99. They will marry tomorrow.

100. How much will it cost me?

101. I will be sixteen in May.

102. It will rain on Thursday.

103. I will not be loving you.

104. They will come after you.

105. The airline will call us.

106. He will call me tomorrow.

107. I will give you a laptop.

108. I will transfer the money.

109. 97.Today we will watch TV.

110. No one will come after me.

111. You will make a good wife.

112. I will act on your advice.

113. We will set off next week.

114. I’m sure Tom will succeed.

115. Who will act as spokesman?

116. We will be watching movie.

117. I will not watch TV today.