Sentences with Hope, Hope in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hope

Sentences with Hope, Hope in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Hope


1. I hope so.

2. I hope you win.

3. I hope Alex likes me.

4. I hope you’re thirsty.

5. I hope I see you again.


6. I hope to see you soon.

7. He looked very hopeful.

8. Hope clouds observation.

9. Don’t get your hopes up.

10. I hope you’re satisfied.

11. They must not lose hope.


12. Don’t get your hopes up.

13. I hope you get well soon.

14. I hope you’ll forgive me.

15. My mother is full of hope.

16. I hope you like spicy food.

17. We have great hopes for you.

18. Hope is the poor man’s bread.

19. I hope Mary found her wallet.

20. Frank had presidential hopes.

21. I hope you’ll forgive me for…

22. I hope you can come tomorrow.

23. Let’s not get Alex’s hopes up.

24. Never quit certainty for hope.

25. I hoped you might not leave me.

26. She hopes to become a designer.

27. I hope she will join the course.

28. It was too soon to give up hope.

29. I hope Samuel doesn’t read this.

30. There is little hope of success.

31. He was very hopeful to be hired.

32. Let’s hope you’re wrong for once.

33. I hope this does not sound stupid.

34. Social grants give hope to people.

35. I hope things will turn out fine..

36. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

37. I hope that she will get well soon.

38. I hoped you would, why did not you?

39. I sincerely hope for his happiness.

40. Hope is patience with the lamp lit.

41. I had hoped we might become friends.

42. All hope abandon, ye who enter here.

43. I hope your new job brings you luck.

44. Let’s hope Steve is still available.

45. There is little hope of her recovery.

46. I hope my family will enjoy the show.

47. He was very hopeful to buy a new car.

48. I am sorry but Alex’s a hopeless case.

49. I hope to build a new house next year.

50. I hope things will work out all right.

51. I sincerely hope you’ll get well soon.

52. It’s just a part of our nature to hope.

53. I hope you didn’t lend Frank any money.

54. Once you choose hope, anythings possible.

55. Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.

56. I hope, I don’t catch the flu this winter.

57. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper.

58. They remain hopeful that Alex will recover.

59. My ancestors hoped to find political asylum.

60. Hopelessness has surprised me with patience.

61. Steve hopes to explore the uninhabited island.

62. My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.

63. He clung to the hope that he could be a lawyer.

64. We remain hopeful that her father will recover.

65. He clung to the hope that he could be a attorney

66. I hope that Spain will abide by its Constitution.