Sentences with Housing, Housing in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Housing

Sentences with Housing, Housing in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Housing


1. Housing sales in the country accelerated.

2. Previous research has shown that housing price is affected by the macroeconomy.

3. Public housing provides help and assistance to those who are poor and mainly low-income earners.

4. Public housing provides help and assistance to those who are poor and primarily low-income earners.

5. Housing, or more generally, living spaces, refers to the construction and assigned usage of houses or buildings individually or collectively, for the purpose of shelter.



1. The house stank.

2. The house caved in.

3. Our house is empty.

4. The house is vacant.

5. You have a big house.

6. We bought a new house.


7. My house is my castle.

8. Is it near your house?

9. How wide is the house?

10. Sixty houses were sold.

11. I envied his new house.

12. This house is for rent.

13. I grew up in that house.

14. your house is fantastic.

15. We will buy a new house.

16. We might buy a new house.

17. Every house had a garden.

18. His house is very modern.

19. This is a beautiful house.

20. This house has 2 bedrooms.

21. Their house near the city.

22. The house had no curtains.

23. We clean the house weekly.

24. 100.We don’t have a house.

25. How do you heat the house?

26. He made a triangular house.

27. I added a room to my house.

28. Seventeen houses were sold.

29. Which house will you go to?

30. Are that green house yours?

31. He owned a luxurious house.

32. Who is buying these houses?

33. Are you happy in your house?

34. My mother cleaned the house.

35. I want to buy a large house.

36. This house is old but solid.

37. My father bought a new house.

38. They have to clean the house.

39. His house is similar to mine.

40. Who designed the White House?

41. There were mice in the house.

42. We’re moving to a tiny house.

43. That house is built of bricks.

44. They bought the largest house.

45. I need $300 to rent the house.

46. Built We built a house nearby.

47. Any house is better than none.

48. We’re moving to a small house.

49. Do you want to buy a new house?

50. Please help me clean the house.

51. Jessica lives in a large house.

52. The house is in need of repair.

53. New houses started to be built.

54. This shouldn’t be Mark’s house.