Sentences with Keep, Keep in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Keep

Sentences with Keep, Keep in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Keep


1. Keep me posted.

2. I keep a journal.

3. Hank keeps a diary.

4. Do you keep a diary?

5. Steve keeps a diary.


6. Keep your eyes open.

7. You must keep quiet.

8. I don’t keep a diary.

9. Keep your room clean.

10. I’ll keep you posted.

11. He keeps complaining.


12. Keep your hands clean.

13. Keep in touch, please.

14. I used to keep a diary.

15. The boy keeps his word.

16. Keep it all in sequence?

17. Alex tried to keep calm.

18. Keep it in a cool place.

19. Let’s keep this a secret.

20. My brother keeps secrets.

21. I keep a diary in French.

22. Keep out of George’s way.

23. The bills keep piling up.

24. I’ll try to keep it short.

25. I keep a diary in English.

26. One chick keeps a hen busy.

27. Let’s keep this between us.

28. Can you guys keep a secret?

29. Do you keep a dream journal?

30. She keeps her hair in curls.

31. He keeps a diary in English.

32. Keep your room neat and tidy.

33. You must keep your room tidy.

34. They will keep their promise.

35. You must keep your room clean.

36. How long can I keep this book?

37. Keep quiet in bed for a while.

38. You must keep quiet for a while.

39. Frank always keeps his room neat.

40. I gave up keeping up with trends.

41. I promise you I’ll keep you safe.

42. I’ll keep the menu as a souvenir.

43. To set the wolf to keep the sheep.

44. Keep your room as neat as you can.

45. Always keep this dictionary handy.

46. You appreciate they keeping silent.

47. I could not keep silent any longer.

48. Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself.

49. We can’t let Pam keep seeing Frank.

50. Keep both feet firmly on the ground.

51. I keep fit by jogging every morning.

52. My mother keeps a journal every day.

53. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

54. Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.

55. Have you been keeping track of sales?

56. We don’t want to keep Samuel waiting.

57. You can keep this tape until tomorrow.

58. Steve says you keep hanging up on him.

59. You are doing a great job! Keep it up.

60. He walked about in order to keep warm.

61. A hedge between keeps friendship green.

62. A man is known by the company he keeps.

63. I always keep my room as tidy as I can.

64. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

65. Give never the wolf the weather to keep.

66. Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.

67. They must keep up the family traditions.

68. I am confident he will keep his promise.

69. Steve motioned for Jessica to keep quiet.

70. You have to keep up with the urban order.

71. If you’re going through hell, keep going.

72. Is your salary keeping up with inflation?

73. This should keep my son busy for a while.

74. A good name keeps its luster in the dark.

75. Life is a game. Money is how we keep score.

76. You must keep away medicines from children.

77. I want to keep my room as neat as possible.

78. Try to keep the wet cat out of the my home.

79. Frank grabbed Mary to keep her from falling.

80. Keep me apprised of any further developments.

81. Please keep your cynical remarks to yourself.

82. If we agree on the price, I’ll keep the house.

83. “Keep up,” said an irritable voice in her ear.

84. I found it difficult to keep a diary every day.

85. Champions keep playing until they get it right.

86. I was the one who suggested Tom keep a journal.

87. Michael should keep out of the sun for two days.