Sentences with Last, Last in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Last

Sentences with Last, Last in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Last


1. It didn’t last long.

2. I got sick last week.

3. What’s your last name?

4. I met her last winter.

5. I drank beer last week.


6. This is my last review.

7. We ate pizza last week.

8. They sued you last year.

9. I had the flu last month.

10. I swam everday last year.

11. We watched TV last night.


12. I broke my leg last week.

13. I went to Italy last year.

14. It snowed a lot last year.

15. My car is on its last legs.

16. I swear it’s the last time.

17. I caught a cold last month.

18. I was very happy last week.

19. Frank missed the last train.

20. I started sailing last year.

21. We went to Alanya last year.

22. I came from Madrid last week.

23. I came from London last week.

24. We first met Frank last year.

25. All aboard for one last trip.

26. I had a great time last night.

27. I dreamt about you last night.

28. We had a mild winter last year.

29. I started a new job last month.

30. We played basketball last week.

31. We had a lot of rain last year.

32. When’s the last time you slept?

33. When was the last time you sang?

34. The feast was to last all night.

35. I was learning German last year.

36. I witnessed a robbery last week.

37. Did you get a salary last month?

38. We danced like crazy last night.

39. It’s been ages since we last met.

40. We played basketball last Sunday.

41. Was he learning German last year?

42. You were not at work last Monday.

43. My father sat up late last night.

44. I saw him on the beach last night.

45. I took a sleeping pill last night.

46. My hens laid fewer eggs last year.

47. We haven’t swum since last summer.

48. I saw you in the garden last night.

49. My mother read Blindness last year.

50. I travelled to America last summer.

51. Imports exceeded exports last year.

52. They got married in June last year.

53. She had an accident last week sadly.

54. I underwent major surgery last year.

55. The runner sprinted on the last lap.

56. I didn’t read al lot book last year.

57. Who did you give the last cookie to?

58. How do you pronounce your last name?

59. They were playing hockey last month.

60. When was the last time you came here?

61. I had a bladder infection last month.

62. Steve dashed to catch the last train.

63. The last drop makes the cup run over.

64. I spent last Sunday relaxing at home.

65. A good idea occurred to me last night.

66. John arrived last week, in March 2020.

67. The last straw breaks the camel’s back.

68. John had his house painted last summer.

69. I went to Madrid on vacation last year.

70. You were watching television last night.

71. Prices have been rising since last year.

72. It had not been raining since last fall.

73. This is the garden I laid out last year.

74. I had not been swimming since last year.

75. Were you watching television last night?

76. Did you feel the earth shake last night?

77. I knew you didn’t go to school last week.

78. I was understanding the lesson last week.

79. They have been talking for the last hour.

80. My son hasn’t shaved since last Saturday.

81. This is the book which I read last night.

82. That is new a shop which opened last week.

83. The theme park was closed down last month.

84. My son hasn’t shaved since last Wednesday.

85. I haven’t been on holiday since last year.

86. This word’s stressed on the last syllable.

87. My association with them didn’t last long.

88. We celebrated Jessica’s birthday last week.

89. The last witness sealed the prisoner’s fate.

90. As a last resort, we can get Tom to help us.

91. Did ypu see? The moon was bright last night.

92. I’ll bet you didn’t sleep a wink last night.

93. She went out last night when it was raining.

94. They were going to the movies last Saturday.

95. My family had a strange experience last week.

96. A satellite was launched in Russia last year.

97. As a last resort, we can stay at my sister’s.

98. You have grown since the last time I saw you.