Sentences with Lost, Lost in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Lost

Sentences with Lost, Lost in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Lost


1. I lost the soaps.

2. I have lost my cap.

3. My luggage got lost.

4. Excuse me, I’m lost.

5. I lost sight of Tom.


6. What is lost is lost.

7. I have lost my camera.

8. I’ve lost my appetite.

9. I lost sight of Steve.

10. We lost by two points.

11. I lost my favorite pen.


12. My father lost the bet.

13. I lost my heart on you.

14. I lost my yellow pencil.

15. I lost my job on Tuesday.

16. He who hesitates is lost.

17. The boy has lost control.

18. Alex lost his credibility.

19. I’ve suddenly lost weight.

20. I’ve suddenly lost weight.

21. A good deed is never lost.

22. We lost all of our funding.

23. I must’ve lost some weight.

24. I lost my driver’s license.

25. My father lost 30 kilograms.

26. Alex lost his boarding pass.

27. They lost almost everything.

28. I think I’ve lost my wallet.

29. Steve lost his favorite toy.

30. My son lost his new red pen.

31. I’ve lost feeling in my legs.

32. 2.I must’ve lost some weight.

33. I was sad when I lost my toys.

34. Do you think I’ve lost weight?

35. Alex has lost weight recently.

36. Steve has lost weight recently.

37. Lost time is never found again.

38. He lost all his money gambling.

39. They lost all of their funding.

40. I seem to have lost my appetite.

41. All is not lost that is in peril.

42. Mary suddenly lost consciousness.

43. I lost my son about a decade ago.

44. He has lost interest in politics.

45. Not all those who wander are lost.

46. My mother lost her temper with me.

47. A friend in power is a friend lost.

48. I need a fountain pen. I lost mine.

49. Thanks to you I’ve lost my appetite.

50. A good name is sooner lost than won.

51. Samuel lost custody of his children.

52. John lost his balance and fell down.

53. We lost interest in collecting stamps.

54. Steve lost more than thirty kilograms.

55. I lost my day keys, I found them today.

56. He lost all of his money at the casino.

57. Poetry is what gets lost in translation.

58. It looks like you’ve lost a little weight.

59. We lost because we told ourselves we lost.

60. My sister has lost the key to the bathroom.

61. The camel going to seek horns lost his ears.

62. He was despondent that he had lost his home.