Sentences with Men, Men in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Men

Sentences with Men, Men in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Men

1. All men are equal.

2. These men are strong.

3. All men can’t be first.

4. The two men shook hands.

5. All men can’t be masters.

6. Some men shave their legs.

7. The men are smiling on cue.

8. We men are wretched things.

9. Dreaming men are haunted men.

10. Culture makes all men gentle.

11. Blind men can judge no colours.

12. Bad men are full of repentance.

13. All men of action are dreamers.

14. We cannot learn men from books.

15. The men are wearing short sleeves.

16. All men by nature desire knowledge.

17. Dawn: When men of reason go to bed.

18. Neutral men are the devil’s allies.

19. By nature, men love newfangledness.

20. The three men laughed as if on cue.

21. Few great men could pass personnel.

22. Either war is obsolete, or men are.

23. By indignities men come to dignities.

24. No nice men are good at getting taxis.

25. Whenever ideas fail, men invent words.

26. Don’t tell underweight men to bulk up.

27. Nine men in ten are would be suicides.

28. The men laugh, the women look abashed.

29. Forty-seven men wanted the nomination.

30. The less men think, the more they talk.

31. I have to assign more men to that work.

32. Stronger by weakness, wiser men become.

33. The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.

34. Gluttony kills more men than the sword.

35. More men die of jealousy than of cancer.

36. Money often unmakes the men who make it.

37. Wine hath drowned more men than the sea.

38. Where men can’t live gods fare no better.

39. The worst men often give the best advice.

40. We are anthill men upon an anthill world.

41. Good men must not obey the laws too well.

42. Books are not men and yet they stay alive.

43. Force always attracts men of low morality.

44. But men are men the best sometimes forget.

45. The wisest men follow their own direction.

46. Beauty makes idiots sad and wise men merry.

47. Judge not of men and things at first sight.

48. Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune .

49. Officers, what offence have these men done?

50. For tis not in mere death that men die most.

51. It is good even for old men to learn wisdom.

52. Forgive, son men are men they needs must err.

53. The most positive men are the most credulous.

54. When women go wrong, men go right after them.

55. There were a lot of men among the inhabitants.

56. All of the men were dressed similarly to Alex.

57. It is unbecoming for young men to utter maxims.

58. Women usually live 10 years longer than men do.

59. Perfect numbers like perfect men are very rare.

60. Clever men are good, but they are not the best.

61. Wise men make more opportunities than they find.

62. Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.

63. Culture: the cry of men in face of their destiny.

64. Life is worth living better than most men live it.

65. Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

66. Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

67. The real use of gunpowder is to make all men tall.

68. How many men do you have working in the dairy now?

69. The truth is found when men are free to pursue it.

70. There is nothing men are so generous of as advice.

71. Great things are done when men and mountains meet.

72. Bachelors have consciences, married men have wives.

73. Where all men think alike, no one thinks very much.

74. Anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor.

75. Wealthy older men often marry younger trophy wives.

76. Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.

77. I only have ‘yes’ men around me. Who needs ‘no’ men?

78. There are more men ennobled by study than by nature.

79. Even youngish men can acquire wisdom as time goes by.

80. Circumstances rule men men do not rule circumstances.

81. The duty of comedy is to correct men by amusing them.

82. Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.

83. Half the pictures directed by men of reputation fail.

84. The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.

85. Some of my best leading men have been dogs and horses.

86. Human misery is too great for men to do without faith.

87. All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers.

88. Let us leave pretty women to men devoid of imagination.

89. Custom is the plague of wise men and the idol of fools.

90. Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.

91. Risk is a part of God’s game, alike for men and nations.

92. Fair peace becomes men ferocious anger belongs to beasts.

93. We live under a government of men and morning newspapers.

94. There would be no great men if there were no little ones.

95. It was the men I deceived the most that I loved the most.

96. A great city is that which has the greatest men and women.

97. We should weep for men at their birth, not at their death.

98. Take away the violence and who will hear the men of peace?

99. Adversity causes some men to break others to break records.

100. Many men are contemptuous of riches few can give them away.